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Scar healing cream cvs

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Thank you Dermatix Ultra for making my scar fade. We recommend a minimum treatment time of 60 to 90 days 8 , with older or larger scars requiring a longer treatment time. Take extra precaution to avoid accidental ingestion of the gel by your child.

Get in touch. Healthcare professionals. Your favourites. Visit your country's site Visit your country's site. Where to buy. Follow us: youtube. For raised and dark scars. Pea-sized application 7 over your cleansed scar. After 1 month. What our users say Novita Gunawan I work in a warehouse around many sharp items, so wounds are a normal thing for me.

Reni Wardhaningsih I once fell from a motorbike and got a scar on my leg, which made me less confident to wear sandals and open shoes.

Novita Gunawan I work in a warehouse around many sharp items, so wounds are a normal thing for me. Having a C-Section? Ask Your Doctor About Scars. How long before redness fades from scars. Misconceptions about C-section. You can use Mederma on a scar on any external part of your body; you may not use Mederma internally or on any mucosal area. You can use Mederma with other cosmetic products like lotions and makeup. Please apply Mederma first and wait until it is dry before applying other products.

Consult your healthcare professional before using Mederma with other topical on the skin products that you purchase with a prescription.

Thank you for your interest in Mederma XX. Although the ingredients in Mederma do not contain nuts or latex, we cannot guarantee that the ingredients have not come in contact with them or their by-products at the manufacturing facility. We cannot absolutely guarantee Mederma to be free of nuts and latex. Find Mederma in a store near you Find a nearby store. Buy Online Find a retailer website. Please click on the retailer logo to be re-directed to their website.

All product Frequently Asked Questions. Does Mederma scar products make scars disappear?

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