nuance by paula nadelstern
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Nuance by paula nadelstern carefirst bluecross blueshield jobs

Nuance by paula nadelstern

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What kinds? NPR or Podcasts. It is sacred studio time. I try to finish up all my commitments and paper trails before July 4th. At last, the waiting is over. Tell us about a particularly challenging piece. What were the obstacles and how did you get past them?

The foundation is the hard-plastic radiation mask including the original attached clips that I wore during treatments. This deeply personal work is a radical departure for me, an attempt to transform something associated with a deeply frightening and unsettling experience into an object of art and beauty using the familiar gentleness of hand beading to embellish kaleidoscopic fabrics designed by me.

For over twenty-five years, my workspace in our ninth floor, two-bedroom apartment was the forty-two-inch round kitchen table. Picture ceiling-high cupboards stuffed with fabric, drawers overflowing with the paraphernalia quilters collect. Then add six feet of design wall, ironing board with a Reliable iron and a Bernina ready to go on a 4 by 6-foot counter.

The exhibition is in process, so check the Exhibitions tab of the website to see when the collection is ready to view. This show marks the 40th anniversary of the Manhattan Quilters Guild, celebrating the signature styles of our 21 members. What began as a small group of strangers responding to an ad in Quilters Newsletter Magazine novice quilters sitting around a dining room table in Manhattan has evolved into a select group of established artists who continue to meet in Manhattan.

Our work, rooted in traditional craft, has evolved into fiber art forms that often go beyond quilts. Like Manhattan itself, our membership is cosmopolitan and international.

We bring our stories, our skills, our diverse interests to the table. And we work hard. We share. We create, each maintaining a unique voice, even as we inspire each other.

In addition to being professional exhibiting artists, we are designers, gallerists, curators, teachers, writers, bloggers, mentors, and entrepreneurs. Ichiku Kubota was a Japanese textile artist, famous for reviving and modernizing a lost lateth- to earlyth-century textile dyeing and decorating technique called tsujigahana. At the time of his death, he had completed 40 of the projected 80 kimono. In , when I exhibited in Japan, the place I wanted to visit more than any other was the Ichiku Kobota Museum to see this spectacular miraculous collection of kimonos.

Each kimono is so detailed and breath-taking, so subtle yet abundantly colored, it deserved a lifetime of looking. On my first day in Japan, with jet lag nipping at my brain stem, I got myself there via public transportation. Exhausted, stunned, I sat transfixed by a video of the elaborate process. Why did I think this up? I was spending Opening Night day at the museum, speaking to press and watching the last exciting installation moments. Can I have it? One of my design strategies is to camouflage seams and create seemingly seamless connections.

This encourages an uninterrupted flow of design or color from one patch to the next. Instead the result is a smooth transition from patch to patch; the illusion is that there is no seam at all. Seamless techniques draw the audience physically closer to the quilt surface, inviting inspection of its organization. So what reads from a distance as an integrated whole is discovered to be a highly patched work. Is shorter better? Or is longer better because it shows you are industrious and persevering?

This exploration steers you in lots of valuable directions. It leads you to the vocabulary needed to articulate your private visual language. It helps you recognize the kinds of mistakes students are likely to make and head them off at the pass. And it awakens new ideas, pushing you, the artist, further along your creative path.

Skip to main content Skip to secondary menu Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Search the site Spotlight: Paula Nadelstern, Quilt Artist. Right kaleidoscope is identical to the left one but pieced wrong sides together, under single layer of black tulle.

I am a Patternista, hardwired to see pattern everywhere and here was a glut of architectural designs bumping into each other. Taking two years, this quilt contains over 80 fabrics designed by me in the past twenty years for Benartex. This quilt has at least a thousand camouflaged seams. I think I could have worked on this one quilt for the rest of my career, editing, auditioning and refining as the nuances and possibilities of the concept evolved.

The foundation is the hard-plastic radiation mask including the original attached clips worn by the artist during treatments. Techniques: Hand stitched, hand beaded, glue, fused.

Paula showing a piece of fabric after she fussy cut the parts she wanted for a piece. Ultra-suede border. Flatware fabric digitally designed by Katherine Knauer and printed by Spoonflower. Pink 2 Items 2. Purple 6 Items 6. Red 1 Items 1. Not Specified 7 Items 7. Suitable For. Quilting 26 Items Apparel - Dress 20 Items Apparel - Everyday Clothing 20 Items Accessories - Hats 1 Items 1. Crafts 1 Items 1. Drapery 1 Items 1. Upholstery 1 Items 1. Less than 45" 1 Items 1.

Up to 45'' 10 Items Not Specified 23 Items Geometric 2 Items 2. Striped 1 Items 1. Not Specified 31 Items Quilting Sizes. Fat Quarter 18" x 22" 2 Items 2. One Meter 40" x 44" 1 Items 1. Cat 4 Items 4. Not Specified 26 Items New 48 Items Used 44 Items Not Specified 1 Items 1. Please provide a valid price range. Available inventory. Buying Format. All Listings. Accepts Offers. Buy It Now. Shipping Options. Free International Shipping.

Local Pickup. Free Local Pickup. Show only.

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