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Nathan shih conduent

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Canberk, Ilteris; to Snap Inc. Eyewear with shared gaze-responsive viewing Cl. Candelario, Christian Convertible cart Cl. Dharmarajan, Narayanaswami; Rix, Francis C. Specialized device instantiation onto PCIe fabrics Cl. Kennedy, Stacy L. Eguchi, Yosuke Cl. Emoto, Yuki; and Arita, Keisuke Cl. Endo, Takahiro Cl. Fujita, Shunji Cl. Higaki, Yoshinari; and Nakagawa, Daiki Cl. Hikichi, Atsushi Cl. Hirai, Yuichi Cl.

Horikawa, Yohei Cl. Huang, Yaohai; and Zhang, Zhiyuan Cl. Ikeda, Hajime; and Onuki, Yusuke Cl. Ikuno, Takao Cl. Inaba, Keishi Cl. Inagaki, Masaki; and Hirasawa, Hideaki Cl.

Inoue, Takumi Cl. Inui, Fumihiro; and Iwata, Junji Cl. Ito, Aya Cl. Ito, Daisuke Cl. Jinkoma, Yusuke Cl. Kawaguchi, Daisuke; and Shirakata, Jiro Cl. Kobayashi, Hideo Cl. Kohata, Toru Cl. Kusaka, Atsushi Cl. Maruyama, Naoki Cl. Minami, Yutaro Cl. Mine, Tsukasa Cl. Mizobuchi, Yasuhiro Cl. Mori, Kensaku Cl. Moribe, Shoei Cl. Nagasaki, Mizuki; and Tsuboi, Hiromasa Cl. Nakagawa, Masashi Cl. Nakamura, Shun Cl. Nakashima, Shinga Cl. Nishiyama, Kaori Cl. Nishiyama, Tomohiro Cl. Ohwa, Yasushi Cl. Okuyama, Yuta Cl.

Okuzono, Ryotaro Cl. Ooki, Kenji Cl. Osawa, Toshifumi Cl. Saito, Kazuyuki Cl. Sano, Hiroaki; and Ishizuya, Koji Cl. Sasahara, Naoto Cl. Shinohara, Mahito Cl. Shiohara, Tetsuya; and Kawasaki, Keiji Cl. Shuhama, Yu; and Takahashi, Satoru Cl. Suzuki, Masato; and Matsushima, Akira Cl. Tanaka, Ryo Cl. Tateishi, Yoshinori; and Watanabe, Shinichiro Cl. Tsujii, Hiroto Cl. Uchida, Momoe Cl. Uchiyama, Minoru Cl. Ueno, Daiyu; and Okuwaki, Maiki Cl.

Uratani, Mitsuru Cl. Yamada, Tomohiro; and Takahashi, Takahiro Cl. Yamamichi, Masaki Cl. Ye, Wenying; and Masuda, Kazunori Cl. Yonekubo, Hideaki Cl.

Nagashima, Masaaki; and Golden, Mark Cl. Cao, Xiwu; and Schrader, Samuel Cl. Kim, Richard; Luttig, Jackson E. Luttig, Jackson E. Lenses, systems and methods for providing binocular customized treatments to correct presbyopia Cl.

Lin, Jimmy; and Cao, Dawei Cl. Curved panel and display device Cl. Ultrasonic osteotome bit Cl. Display panel, manufacturing method thereof and display device Cl. Pixel structure and liquid crystal display panel Cl.

Pixel driving circuit including a compensation sub-circuit and driving method thereof, display device Cl. Local-adapted minority oversampling strategy for highly imbalanced highly noisy dataset Cl. Cao, Yixiang Watch band D Cl. Sternberg, Martin Cl. Phillips, Jeremy J. Murphy, Mallory; and Yamashita, Mark Cl. Dake, Roger L. Beyar, Mordechay; and Globerman, Oren Cl. Filippone, Claudio Cl. DeSimone, Joseph M. Carbone, Philip C. Meredith, Timothy J. Asirvatham, Samuel J. Soltis, Brian; Haasl, Benjamin J.

Meyers, Stephen T. Cardineau, Brian J. Harnach, Bob Cl. Waicberg, Samuel; and Gandhi, Chetan Cl. Mason, Eugene; and Mansour, George Cl. Park, Soon; Shevgoor, Siddarth K. Finley, Kenneth R. Adams, Chad E. Sterner, Marion; and Cariolaro, Federico Cl. Reconfiguration rate-control Cl.

Sagemueller, Rainer; and Bayer, Christian Cl. Samaniego, Michael Cl. Gromotka, Jeremias Cl. Casey, Niall Patrick D Cl. Ferro, Jr. Dziekonski, Stefan T. Lee, Saul S. Carlson, Chris M. Charge trap structure with barrier to blocking region Cl. Foust, Thomas F.

Yebka, Bouziane; Carlson, Jeremy R. Staszak, Jeffrey R. Nowicki, Daniel J. Zakaria, Ahmed S. Carmean, Daniel D. Integrated electronic module for 3D sensing applications, and 3D scanning device including the integrated electronic module Cl. Carney, Francis J. Beard, Robert; and Caron, Robin Cl.

Carothers, Daniel N. Heterogeneous integrated circuit for short wavelengths Cl. Identification of dependencies among software entities Cl. Pittappilly, Theresa B. Mangiaracina, Enrico Cl. Compositions and methods for treating multiple myeloma Cl. Carrasquillo, Peter J. Lanuzel, Ludovic; and Menard, Cyril Cl. Carrigan, Joseph T. Carrigan, Taylor G. Methods and interfaces for media control with dynamic feedback Cl.

Liu, David M. Menhusen, Ryan D. Carroll, Christopher A. Cutting template D Cl. Germain, Michael F. Costa, Julio C. Method for forming a patient specific surgical guide mount Cl.

Coordinated migration of network-accessible services while maintaining service availability in prior environment Cl. Vovos, Robert J. Yeomans, David C. Carson, Kassidy L. Urine-based power generation for adjustable seat cushion Cl. Carson, Neil; to Yellowbrick Data, Inc. System and method for assigning tasks to computer system elements Cl. Carstens, Lucas; Leidner, Jochen L. Lottermoser, Stephen M. Secure access locker banks Cl.

Cooke, Chathan M. Carver, George C. Thermal divider insert and method for spent nuclear fuel cask creating both air inlets and air outlets at the top of the overpack Cl. Anti-thrombus surface potential ceramic element Cl.

Case, Brian C. Case, Leonard R. Methods of performing well treatment operations using field gas RE Cl. Raffay, Thomas M. Zhang, Lilei; Jain, Mukesh K. Device, method, and graphical user interface for generating CGR objects Cl. Casey, Niall Patrick; to Carlsmed, Inc.

Display screen with a graphical user interface for surgical planning D Cl. Casey, William M. Casino, Steven; and Hoeting, Michael G. Toy system with extruder Cl. Mochizuki, Hidehiko Cl.

Tyre for vehicle wheels comprising a composite reinforcing filler Cl. Tyre for vehicle wheels Cl. Methods of treating fabry patients having renal impairment Cl.

Methods of treating Fabry patients having renal impairment Cl. Vlaar, Cornelis P. Shore, Nicholas S. Madigan, R. Popek, Grzegorz; and Castro, Ignacio Cl. Werner, John S. Catalano, Pasquale A. Austin, David Stanley Cl. Gerber, Byron Lynn Cl. McGregor, Scott Andrew Cl.

Moore, Cody; and Clemons, Kevin Cl. Snopko, Michael A. Tanner, John M. Vahling, Bruce Raymond Cl. Multifunction LED lighting device Cl. Fastener cover for captive effect Cl. Cauley, Jr. Wu, Christopher C.

Cavalcanti, Dave; and Pinheiro, Ana Lucia, to Intel Corporation Discovery and establishment of communication groups for wireless vehicular communications Cl. Rohl, James P. Knatt, Kevin; and Cayemberg, Curt Cl. Hongming, Zhao Cl.

AI, Inc. Systems and methods to process electronic images for synthetic image generation Cl. Tapper, Amy E. Bergida, John R. Bhat, Sreenivas S. Cella, Charles Howard; Duffy, Jr. Sainz Fuertes, Guillermo Cl. Holladay, Matthew; and Goel, Vikash Cl.

Pervan, Darko Cl. Compton, David; Eaton, Jr. Griffin, Stephen Cl. Trzcinski, Frank J. Baar, James C. Cerynik, Douglas; and Harding, Susan P. Extensible dressings Cl. Amaitis, Lee; and Williams, Paul Cl. Flaherty, Phillip L. Loveless, Jacob Cl. Chacko, Antony P. Method and apparatus for recognizing a voice Cl.

Speech synthesizer using artificial intelligence, method of operating speech synthesizer and computer-readable recording medium Cl. Systems and methods for robotic process automation Cl. Piacentino, Michael R. Monitoring and performance improvement of enterprise applications Cl. Method and apparatus for executing voice command in electronic device Cl.

System and method for feasibly positioning servomotors with unmodeled dynamics Cl. Pourquie, Olivier; and Chal, Jerome Cl.

Chaloux, Brian L. Chambers, Craig D. Liu, Qi; Palmerston, Jeremiah B. Ghoshal, Shamik; Kumar, V. Vamadevan, Muhilan; and Chandrasekaran, Karthik Cl. Architecture for stretching logical switches between multiple datacenters Cl.

Chaney, David E. Electronic device enclosure D Cl. Operating method for electronic apparatus for offering item information and electronic apparatus supporting thereof Cl. Touch sensitive processing apparatus, system and operating method thereof for receiving electrical signals carrying pressure information Cl. Curcuminoid chlorophyllin CHL compositions and methods of preparation and use Cl.

Nam, Geol; and Chang, Gunho Cl. Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface D Cl. Photoresist and method Cl. Method for detecting quantity of items, and vending machine Cl. Electrical plug connector Cl. Schneider, Summer L. Height adjustment pillow having handle mounted to lower part thereof Cl.

Kuan, Shu; More, Shahaji B. Secondary battery and active material Cl. Chang, Wayne; and Seibert, Jr. Feature switching kits Cl. System and method for utilizing a tablet kickstand to power up an information handling system Cl. Ji, Rumin Cl. Information handling system to allow system boot when an amount of installed memory exceeds processor limit Cl. Meng, Wei; Chao, Hannguang J. Michael; and Myers, Michael C. Nicotine ion pair formulation neutralized with CO2 and process therefor Cl.

Chapman, Edward N. Chapman, Fred; Walker, Robert G. Defibrillator that monitors CPR treatment and adjusts protocol Cl. Jin, Hang; and Chapman, John T. See-through operator awareness tool using synthesized viewpoints Cl. Vannod, Jonas; and Charbon, Christian Cl. Teske, Matthew John Cl. Lenhof, Marc Christian Cl. Real-time assessment of multimedia service in a particular environment Cl.

Charles, Jacob; Scott, Shane M. Metcalf, Max A. Jamison, Mark; and Riepe, Mark Cl. Surgical visualization system Cl. Madduri, Venkateswara R. Harter, Ryan Matthew Cl.

LaPierre, William M. Sahin, Yildirim; and Wong, Curt C. Sevindik, Volkan; and Syed, Haider Cl. Sevindik, Volkan; and Syed, Haider H. Chartier, Eric; Davis, Paul; Gambucci, Erin; and Sweet, Douglas, to Architecture Technology Corporation Autonomous and automatic, predictive aircraft surface state event track system and corresponding methods Cl.

Praino, Jr. Laplante, Jesse A. Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface D Cl. Optimal scheduling of access events on mobile devices Cl. Thomas, Manu; Chaurasia, Jitendra S. Chavali, Sri Chaitra J. Current converter circuit for airfield ground lighting Cl. Graph-based data flow control system Cl.

Jain, Anjali S. Anti-topping impact tool mechanism Cl. Ebertz, Hans Wolfgang Cl. Slidable cabinet pullout apparatus and method of use Cl. Flexible organic light-emitting diode mobile phone module Cl. Stepped venting panel Cl. Systems and methods for operating a flap Cl. Ion exposure method and apparatus Cl. Fluid feed path wettability coating Cl. Fluid ejection device with a carrier having a slot Cl. Method for driving touch-and-display device, driving circuit, and touch-and-display device Cl.

KGaA Epoxy based composition Cl. Chen, Xiaobin; and Chen, Chunteng Cl. Chen, Chunying Stadium seat D Cl. Method and device for controlling self-cleaning of air conditioner Cl. Method and apparatus for detecting obstacle, electronic device, vehicle and storage medium Cl. Varerkar, Mayuresh M. Geng, Xuesong; and Chen, Guoyi Cl.

Kennedy, Mickey M. Bidirectional active stylus and sensing system Cl. Golf club head D Cl. Chen, Huamin; and Keefe, Dennis R. Scalable object storage with intelligent replication Cl.

Image encoding method and apparatus, and image decoding method and apparatus Cl. Human anti-CD47 antibodies and uses thereof Cl. Chen, James Nightstand D Cl. Multi-purpose combination writing instrument Cl. Chip package with redistribution layers Cl. Chen, Jinxi Python flashlight D Cl. Wireless communication data processing method and apparatus for reducing bit error rate Cl.

Slide rail assembly Cl. Chen, Keshun Leg stretcher D Cl. Electronic device with graphical user interface D Cl. Electronic device and control method for image capture device thereof Cl. Screw with cutting slots Cl. Hayes, Michael J. Automatic mounting and demounting device and system for motor testing platform Cl. ErbB2 antibodies and uses therefore Cl.

Chen, Minyong; Samuelson, James C. Proteinases with improved properties Cl. Maintenance operations for memory devices Cl. Ali, Shoukath M.

Micro light-emitting diode device Cl. Angle head holder Cl. Photoresist baking apparatus with cover plate having uneven exhaust hole distribution Cl. Chen, Rongjie Socket D Cl. Charging method and apparatus for multiple cells, and electronic device Cl. Signal receiving circuit, memory storage device and method for evaluating status of adjustment circuit for adjusting input signal Cl. Chen, Shengxiong Mini massage gun D Cl. Wrench D Cl. Detection device and indoor navigation system Cl.

Semiconductor device and method Cl. Chen, Shubo Laptop tote bag D Cl. Toy water gun D Cl. Surveillance system Cl. System and method for performing extreme ultraviolet photolithography processes Cl. Active matrix organic light-emitting diode display panel with compensation capacitor Cl.

Wertz, Christian F. Li, Jian; and Chen, Wei Cl. Anti-fuse one-time programmable memory cell and related array structure Cl.

Optical photographing lens assembly, image capturing device and electronic device Cl. Optical lens assembly, image capturing apparatus and electronic device Cl. Method, terminal, and non-transitory computer readable medium for downlink data transmission based on scheduling of physical downlink shared channels PDSCHs Cl. Pentafluorosulfanyl-substituted amide derivatives, preparation methods thereof and medical uses thereof Cl. Lighting apparatus Cl. Attitude matrix calculation method and device Cl.

Woodward, Alexander G. Oppenheim, Joost J. Video coding method and apparatus Cl. Person, Richard; Jurga, Jr. Chen, Yan Human physical functional ability and muscle ability comprehensive assessment system and method thereof Cl. Oxidizer injector for motor Cl. Electronic device and temperature adjustment method thereof Cl.

Flyback converter with synchronous rectifier switch fault detection Cl. Zhang, Fuyao; and Chen, Yiming Cl. Breaker hammer for breaking hard objects Cl. Luggage rack able to illuminate Cl. Display screen or a portion thereof with graphical user interface D Cl. Gu, Zhen; and Chen, Zhaowei Cl. Night vision goggles D Cl. Chenard, Francois; and Alvarez, Oseas D. Cheng, Andrew A. Semiconductor structure with metal cap layer Cl.

System and method for 4G automatic link establishment protocol enhancement Cl. Methods, devices, and systems for illuminating spatial light modulators Cl. Zhang, Liyang; and Cheng, Kai Cl. Dummy structure of stacked and bonded semiconductor device Cl. Cheng, Lijian Sleep mask D Cl.

Lee, Peng-Yuan Cl. Chen, Bao; and Cheng, Yapeng Cl. Agarwal, Rahul; Bhagavat, Milind S. Method of processing UE idle state with separated mm function entity and SM function entity, mobility management function entity, and session management function entity Cl. Jiang, Ni; and Wu, Xiaohui Cl. Video compression with in-loop sub-image level controllable noise generation Cl.

Photo sensing device and method of fabricating the photo sensing device Cl. Photodetector and method for forming the same Cl. Modular partition and fabrication thereof Cl. LoBue, Joseph D. Eum, Steve D Cl. Ichihashi, Fumitaka; Cheung, Albert K.

Composite fan case with nanoparticles Cl. The videoconference on the videoconferencing system can be initiated such that the content is provided for display on a display device included in the videoconferencing system. Filed: February 12, Assignee: Google LLC. Class of glyphosate resistance genes. Abstract: The present disclosure relates to a novel class of EPSPS enzymes, and nucleic acids useful in encoding the same.

Filed: May 11, Inventors: Justin M. Lira, Robert M. Cicchillo, Satish K. Wireless spectrum usage and load-balancing. Abstract: A mobile communication device generates a respective request such as a wireless communication to access a network. An access point supporting communications over multiple carrier frequency bands receives the request from the mobile communication device to establish a wireless connection. A connection manager associated with the access point analyzes current load conditions associated with other mobile communication devices communicating with the access point over the multiple carrier frequency bands.

Based at least in part on the current load conditions, the connection manager selects a carrier frequency band from the multiple carrier frequency bands.

The connection manager initiates notification to the mobile communication device to connect to the access point using the selected carrier frequency band.

Filed: July 22, Srivistava, Rajesh M. Gangadhar, Sourabh Gupta. Method for a losing registrar to transfer a domain name from the losing registrar to a gaining registrar.

Abstract: A registrant, after registering a domain name at a losing registrar, may request at a gaining registrar that the domain name be transferred to the gaining registrar.

The gaining registrar may verify that the domain name is registered to the registrant, available for transfer and the person requesting the transfer is in fact the registrant. The gaining registrar may provide evidence that the registrant was authenticated to the losing registrar and request a registry to transfer the domain name to the gaining registrar.

Upon the registry confirming the validity of the request with the losing registrar, the registry may transfer the domain name to the gaining registrar. This method allows the registrant to transfer the domain name, after registering the domain name at the losing registrar, to the gaining registrar entirely from the gaining registrar.

In other words, the registrant does not need to communicate with the losing registrar during the transfer process of the domain name to the gaining registrar. Filed: June 6, Data dictionary system in an event historian. Abstract: An event historian system stores an event data dictionary. The system receives an initial query from a client device on a network connection and responds by providing the event data dictionary information to the client device.

The client device sends another query requesting data values which are defined in the event data dictionary. The system responds to the second query by sending results comprising the requested data values to the client system over the network connection. Filed: December 12, Vehicle communication with connected objects in proximity to the vehicle using cloud systems.

Abstract: Methods and systems are provided. One method includes processing communication with a vehicle and connected objects. The processing is by one or more servers of a cloud system where said vehicle is associated for receiving services. The connected objects include objects having communication capabilities that are either fixed at specific locations as infrastructure where the vehicle is traversing or is moving in location in areas proximate to where the vehicle is traversing.

The method includes receiving by a server of the cloud system, geo-location for the vehicle using on-board electronics of the vehicle and data obtained from a global positioning system. Determining a heading direction of the vehicle based on detected changes in the geo-locations of the vehicle. Receiving state data from connected objects, and selecting one or more of the connected objects based on a current geo-location of the vehicle and the heading direction of the vehicle.

Filed: May 6, Inventors: Angel A. Penilla, Albert S. Abstract: A lure having a hook and a tube extending through the body with at least one noise making element within the tube. As the lure moves in the water, the noise making element creates noise and vibrations and the appearance of a moving eye to attract fish to the lure. Filed: February 21, Inventor: Robin Hancock.

Systems and methods for multi-modal synchronization and interaction. Abstract: Embodiments relate to multi-modal synchronization and interaction systems and methods. Embodiments of the systems and methods thereby provide synchronization not just of a display but also of user interaction with the display. Disinfection of a contaminated environment. Abstract: A formulation to reduce the numbers of bacteria, particularly Gram positive bacteria, in a space such as a waste disposal bin, via the vapour phase, and active over a long period, typically several weeks.

The product comprises one or more essential oils or essential oil components plus a mixture of volatile and non-volatile solvents, on a carrier such as a non-woven, sintered plastic or cardboard. Filed: March 27, Inventors: Philip Caunt, Deborah Williams. Method and apparatus for preventing tailgate collision with hitch accessory. Abstract: A method and apparatus that prevent a collision with a hitch accessory are provided. The method includes: detecting an input to open a gate or detecting a gate opening motion, determining whether hitch accessory is present in a path of the gate opening motion, and in response to determining that the hitch accessory is absent from the path, opening the gate.

Filed: February 13, Inventors: Allan K. Lewis, Derek L. Patterson, Donald R. Gignac, Mohammad Naserian. Speaker device with drone cones and curved support member. Abstract: A speaker device comprises a curved support member having a U shape, housings provided on both sides of the curved support member, and speaker units attached to the front surfaces of the housings, wherein the curved support member is hollow such that the insides of the housings on both sides are in communication with each other, and include drone cones at its ends, and the drone cones are configured to vibrate by receiving on the back surface side a sound wave output from the back surface side of the speaker units, and output a sound from the front surface side.

Inventor: Atsushi Hatta. Processing platform configured to estimate storage system performance utilizing processor characteristics. Abstract: A processing platform is configured to communicate over a network with one or more client devices, and to receive a request from a given one of the client devices for a proposed configuration of a storage system.

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