divine revelation mary baxter
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Divine revelation mary baxter implementing healthcare change as a leader in nursing

Divine revelation mary baxter

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Mary K. Baxter � was an international evangelist. In , she received visions of hell and heaven�revelations of warning and of salvation that she recorded in her books. From her Florida-based ministry, she ministered around the world, and many miracles occurred in her services. Lowery � was born in Eastman, Georgia, and was converted to Christ in He served as a pastor and evangelist until , preaching in massive tent crusades nationwide�his tent seated ten thousand�and in numerous foreign countries.

His evangelism ministry was marked by testimonies of thousands of converts, reports of frequent divine healings, and unnumbered people filled with the Holy Spirit. Part of his pastoral legacy was an emphasis on ministries to all strata of society.

His pastoral leadership helped awaken the consciousness of the denomination to personal evangelism, lay ministry, and local church outreach. In both pastorates, he provided housing for the elderly. In Washington, he founded an outstanding private Christian school, a Bible school, and a seminary.

Lowery may be best known as a denominational leader, serving sixteen years on the Church of God Executive Committee and thirty-four years on the Executive Council. He was the author or coauthor of over 85 books, most of which have been translated into numerous languages. He also edited three magazines and wrote many teaching booklets and articles. In addition to an earned Ph. He had numerous spiritual sons and daughters who were saved, called into ministry, and mentored under his spiritual leadership.

Heaven is busy all the time but she doesn't describe what they do all the time. The major points of information are: Heaven is beautiful. There is a tears room in heaven where the tears are poured over a book that is later sent to God and where He proceeds to tear the passage out and give them to angels as assignments in answer to people's prayers. What if someone cannot cry because they feel numb from the pain? She says that the best prayers are the ones in tears.

There is a room of records treasury that states what churches do with the tithe and how much people give and with the attitude they give. They always use the example of the woman that gives all she has to the church, meanwhile, the church should be helping the poor woman. There is never an emphasis of giving to the poor but that there is no excuse for the poor not to give money to the church. Protestants sure know how to pick and choose their passages.

They always look for the prosperity passages and ignore the charity ones. She sure talks about giving money to the church a lot.

Saints, be aware that every time you give money, every time you pay tithes, everything you do for the glory of God is recorded in heaven. I remember this so well because when the Lord showed me His mighty glories and powers, it made an impression that will never be erased from my mind. There are books in heaven and I quote, "There were also books everywhere, as well as many other things.

They would go to certain areas in heaven with these reports. Then the reports would be logged in books, to keep records for the saints' rewards. I quote, "When you go to heaven, you will be rewarded for whatever you do for Jesus Christ's sake.

This is why I write this book. Babies that die on Earth are suddenly transformed into grown adults. That's pretty much it. Nothing new. Nothing you don't already know. To be honest, I believe that Mary Baxter lied for the "greater good" and this account of heaven is her interpretation of bible scriptures.

The rhetoric is too familiar to me, it is the bible belt, protestant propaganda that is heard in every protestant church. Dec 23, Maranda Burkett rated it it was amazing.

This book is the 2nd book after "A Divine Revelation of Hell" - have to read this book after you read the hell book, it makes you feel a lot better after you read the book about hell. Sep 29, Susan added it. A friend loaned me this book, recommending it. Years ago, as a child and teen, I went through a period where I was really "into" books about people who'd "visited" heaven and come back.

This is in that genre. I can't really give this a star rating. If God really did appear to Mary Baxter and take her to heaven for a visit and prior to that, for several tips to hell , it's a definite 5. I'm just not sure though. If you're into heaven books, I wouldn't start with this one. There aren't a lot of de A friend loaned me this book, recommending it.

There aren't a lot of details and there is tons of repetition; I think the author struggled to try to reach her page goal. Everything she "saw" lines up with Bible verses. Could God have taken her to heaven and hell? Did he? Not sure. A good thing about this type of book is that it always motivates me to prioritize living for Christ. She mentions that God loves it when we praise Him, and we should do that much more.

She mentions angels following us around on earth, noting our deeds and recording them in heaven. I know our salvation isn't dependent on works, but still, that motivates me to try to do better in my Christian walk. In researching the author, I read that she died just last week. I'm happy that she is now experiencing heaven eternally. Dec 03, Jennifer Defoy rated it really liked it Shelves: reads. I had heard about this book from a co-worker, and at the time I was on a bit of a religious kick.

So I got the book and I was amazed. I don't think it took me very long at all to read. I remember reading it thinking of the mysteries of God and how life works. Mary Baxter didn't ask to be shown these things, and the strain that it put on her life had to be great. Now I have read reviews where they think that Mrs. Baxter is a liar and that she made this all up but I think that it's almost to crazy I had heard about this book from a co-worker, and at the time I was on a bit of a religious kick.

Baxter is a liar and that she made this all up but I think that it's almost to crazy to not be true. Overall I think it was a good book, it was quite eye opening also. I do want to read Divine Revelation of Hell but I have to be in the right mind set to read it. What this book did to me mentally I can't even imagine what will happen when I read the next one. I don't remember too many specifics but I do remember being awed by the magnitude of what she was saying. I think that for some this book may be hard to swallow, but I think the majority of people can appreciate this book.

Even if you don't agree with what she is saying and how she says it happened I would hope that it's something that would make you stand back and think about it. Oct 10, Hetty rated it it was amazing Shelves: favourite.

A very good book!! It prove that Heaven is really so real. HE wants all human to come to heaven and no one will perish. So, if you know that you will go to heaven, you must life obedient , faithful and true. The most important thing is to accept Jesus Christ as your savior. Feb 25, Pagika Benjamin rated it it was amazing. I own a copy of this book, however, I tend to write notes in my books, so I wouldn't recommend that you read mine.

Currently it's in my sister's possession, otherwise I'd be referring to it every now and again. Every heavenly experience in this book is backed up by scripture. The visions are remarkable and TRUE.

I dare you not to close each chapter without a wearing a goofy grin. Jul 07, Jean Pierre rated it really liked it. Wonderfully written. Like her other story A divine revelation of hell it coincides with a similar account of someone else who has been to heaven which lends some credibility to her account. I could not put this done as the description of heaven and the ministry of angels was so awe-inspiring that I could not help but smile.

All you saints who have accepted Christ Rejoice for if she is right we have a grand home to return to. Aug 17, Traci Jones rated it really liked it. I am always on a quest looking for good books on heaven and hell. Mary Baxter is one of the best so far! Her heaven experience was so refreshing. I do my research on the authors who claim to have experienced heaven or hell and she is backed by Marilyn Hickey of Denver Colorado and Pastor Yung E Cho who has the worlds largest church in Korea.

Mar 02, Emily rated it liked it. Knowing I have loved ones in Heaven. I decided to study more about Heaven The best source of course is the Bible But I wanted some more material about Heaven. This book was interesting and got me thinking. Jul 26, Erica Rios rated it it was amazing.

This book will bring joy to your heart. The author was also shown parts of Heaven The way she describes the things she sees will truley put a smile on your face. Must read. Aug 11, Lydia Thornton rated it it was amazing. Very Good book highly recommend it, its heart lifting brings you close to the savior and flings you into heaven its real reading and a real witness to the afterlife.

May 07, Carol rated it it was amazing. Mary Baxter's documentations of heaven and hell are very insightful and beautiful to those searching for information about these places. Her book is a classic. Mar 24, Penny rated it it was amazing. Expansion on her visit to Hell, she also was given a look into Heaven. Has Biblical references throughout.

Loved this book. Personal experiences of my own to compare to hers. Oct 17, Irene Scallon rated it it was amazing. After having read Revelations from HellI really needed to read about heaven. Aug 15, Art rated it it was amazing Shelves: adventure , tears , accounts-recorded , jesus. We did a Bible study at Abundant Life Church on this book.

Very good. Stays true to the Word of God. Eye Opener! Must Read! Jan 15, Tanya Burcham added it. Good book, I got to see Mrs Baxter in person after reading her book. Sep 02, Gary rated it did not like it. Mary K. Baxter went somewhere and met some spirits but she did not go to Hell or Heaven and did not meet God and the Lord Jesus. Her story sounds fabricated. Most of her observations are simply copied from descriptions recorded in the Bible with at least one or two big exceptions - more about that later.

The vast majority of her observations contain this or a similar phrase: "It was beyond my capacity to describe. However, t Mary K. However, there were a couple of exceptions to this. In one scene she saw angels with buckets of Jesus's blood - the angels dipped a cloth into the buckets and then wiped it on a book that recorded the sins of saved persons in order to wipe away their sins.

In another vision she saw the Rapture and saw all the bodies of saved individuals filling up "the body of Christ, which was lying on its back while blood dripped to the earth".

In order to get into the body the people "climbed up a staircase to the body and filled it, beginning with the feet. She misuses Scripture. In one section she uses a verse about Cyrus to back up her vision of seeing her name on a book in Heaven.

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How many doctors take emblemhealth insurance Aug 11, Sarah Nannette Booth rated it really liked it. In one section she uses a verse about Cyrus to back up her vision of seeing her name on a book in Heaven. Baxter went somewhere and met some spirits but she revepation not go to Hell or Heaven and did not meet God and the Lord Jesus. Personal experiences of my own to compare to hers. Slightly Imperfect.

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