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H&s mini maxx 6.7 cummins availity login

H&s mini maxx 6.7 cummins

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When you are ready to step up to the next level of performance, step up to the Mini Maxx! OBD Connection box. HDMI Cable to run from the connection box to tuner. Power adapter. Fuse tap. Suction cup mount. USB cable. Automatic safety backdown. Temp, and Coolant Temp. Precisely tune engine with HP increases of HP. Speedometer recalibration for use of non-stock size tires or gearing. Allows removal of the entire EGR system including cooler with no trouble codes.

Allows for use of aftermarket turbo kits with no trouble codes. No, you will need to have the previous tune uninstralled and removed from the vehicle before installing a new MiniMaxx device. I have a 08 Ford F 6. Yes, this will ensure that a new tuner will be able to properly connect to your vehicle. So do these have the ability for custom tunes? These tuners are pre-loaded with tunes and do not support custom tuning.

Does the egr have to be deleted on a f or can it be in plugged? The tuner will electronically bypass the EGR system without needing to unplug any sensors. No, this is only compatible with model years - Ford Powerstroke. The vehicle may run, but it will most likely be in reduced power limp mode.

Hey there, That is correct you should have that option to delete the temps w different tires, Thank you,. I just installed the tuner on my f The switch where it says key or battery, I have it on key option.

But when I turn my key off the tuner stays on? This may be a wiring issue with your vehicle as its powered with your ignition switch. Hi, I have a Gmc Durmax with the lml engine. This states it work up to Will it work on a early model ? We cant say for certain.

I have a 6. The trottle is way to touchy its either idle or tires spinning. Will the tow mode make the trottle more like stock? The mode will not affect throttle responsiveness. There are throttle sensitivity kits you can purchase that should rectify this issue.

How does it work? Fuel Mileage - Expect to see significant fuel mileage gains. If your DPF is plugged up your probably averaging mpg.

More or less depending on the severity of the restriction. Larger tires and poor driving habits will reduce mileage. This will set a check engine light. The truck will run properly but you will still have a check engine light and DTC. Remote start will not work. Installation Instructions. The logistics of coordinating a cancellation are not feasible.

Returns are accepted for most items. Returns must be made within 30 days of receiving item. Customer is responsible for return shipping costs. Original shipping charges are non refundable. Electronics that require custom tuning or are VIN specific cannot be returned and are non refundable.

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Alcon dallas address Will the tow mode make the trottle more like stock? We'll Pay Your Shipping. I'd say run it on the lower tune levels just to stay on the safe cmmins. So do these have the ability for custom tunes? Yes it should I just installed the tuner on my f In case you change your mind, see more no fear.
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Tuners come fully updated with all files installed. If you need tech support or have questions we are here for our buyers 7 days a week with support at: hotroddieseltrucks gmail. All installation cables. Complete Official Instruction Manual Found on our installation page. Cummins Tranny Tuning available.

Exclusive to the Mini Maxx Mini Maxx offers the flexibility of shift-on-the-fly tuning, as well as giving you the ability to monitor vital engine and transmission statistics at a glance.

Vehicle tune specifics Dodge 5. It does not affect how the truck runs but the CEL will remain. LMM Once you flash the appropriate race tune for your model truck, your DPF exhaust regeneration cycles and EGR system will be inactive.

Most people like to install an EGR delete or block off kit in conjunction with the race tune so that the possibility of leaks are eliminated. You are able to run with the EGR system still in place and just turned off, but it is better to block it off. What about emissions?

The race tunes on the Mini Maxx are designed for off-road use only. If you live in a different country without such requirements, the Mini Maxx is a great option to affordably tune your truck. Will work alone by shutting down the EGR system with it is still in place and will also work in conjunction with an EGR block off kit. Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF Delete: If your truck uses an urea injection system, this tuner will allow you to turn it off completely, which will allow you to remove the tank and all related sensors.

Installation Tips and Tricks Ford 6. On the 6. You can simply unplug the DEF urea injection system and leave it installed, or you can remove the tank and the whole mess completely if you want to clean up all the unnecessary junk. On the exhaust side, there are 3 EGT sensors, 1 pressure sensor and 2 o2 sensors that need to be unplugged when you install the DPF delete pipe.

The same warnings apply about possible coolant leaks from the EGR system still being installed however. The cab and chassis trucks have an DEF urea injection system that has to be unplugged, or alternatively you can go the extra step and remove it completely. The transmission tuning software is already built-in to your tuner and can be activated simply by purchasing this unlock code.

No downloads are required - all the data is already inside your tuner. This code simply unlocks the ability to access it. Bought a used hs minimax that was locked to a ford. Had to hook to computer to get menu button to function Purchased unlock code and instantly received code.

Instructions provided walked me through unlocking and hooking to my truck 6. I was sketchy because of the cheap price but went through with it anyway because of the reviews. I paid and was instantly emailed my unlock code. Code went through on my mini maxx with no issues. Will highly recommend. I Will use again if needed. For my you can only choose line pressures and that is it.

From the time I found this sight and read the information, order, pay and tune my truck. Less than 30 minutes. Great service. My truck runs great.

Awesome website! Had my code in seconds put it in programmer and my Dodge is back to normal! Very highly recommended!! They get my unlock code to me in under 5 minutes and it worked great!

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WebThis H&S Mini Maxx without Pyrometer Connection cannot be used on any vehicles registered or certified for highway use. Applications for Mini Maxx without Pyrometer Connection. - L Dodge Cummins; - Dodge Cummins * Cab & Chassis now supported*. AdFree 2-day Shipping On Millions of Items. No Membership Fee. Shop Now! WebH&S Performance Mini Maxx | DPF Delete Tuner Availability - In stock, ships within 24hrs of ordering. Fitment Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel Ford Powerstroke Diesel / Chevy / GMC Duramax Diesel LMM & LML*Will not work on cab & chassis models Power LevelsFord Powerstroke