biographies of two successful change agents in healthcare industry
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Biographies of two successful change agents in healthcare industry videos alcon de sierra

Biographies of two successful change agents in healthcare industry

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These recommendations are designed to address the near-term needs to stabilize the industry, reconfigure the approach and tools to address the medium-term challenges, and provide a clear roadmap around how the changes across the spectrum would impact your business. Read our point-of-view by Ed Francis our global managing partner for health and life sciences, to learn more. He also volunteers as an executive mentor for Matter Healthcare in Chicago, an incubator supporting over healthcare startups.

From views on the latest disruptive technologies to how companies can maximize the potential of their workforce, we want to hear your opinions on the topics we share. So, join in on the conversation and enjoy the perspectives. Ed leads our Life Sciences practice in North America and oversees our offerings globally across this key industry segment.

He joined us in from West Monroe Partners WMP , where he was the national life sciences industry lead overseeing a diverse portfolio of over 20 top clients. Previously, Ed was a partner with Accenture and led their life sciences supply chain and Midwest region management consulting practices. He has over 25 years of experience working with both boutique and global management consultancies leading complex life sciences programs that include strategic cost reduction, connected health, cognitive and advanced analytics, and mergers and acquisitions.

Additionally, the reward in fee-for-service models is focused on volume, instead of value, further incentivizing clinicians to focus on quantity of care over quality of care. Innovative clinicians are already working as change agents by collaborating with each other, identifying evidence-based care practices, measuring outcomes , and continuously improving care for the patients they serve.

Disease by disease, they are attacking the medical conditions that afflict humanity, and in the process, improving the quality of care they deliver to patients.

As change agents, clinicians cans ask several key questions to guide the innovation and quality improvement process:. Answers to these questions can spark new ideas or different variations of current ideas that can lead to more effective improvement methods. Clinical curiosity and consistently questioning current practices is the key to achieving new heights of clinical care delivery.

A growing number of clinical change agents in healthcare are discovering that questioning common practices and using data to choose the most successful practices is enhancing professional experience and patient outcomes. This continuous improvement can be rewarding and aligns with professional commitment to deliver excellent care. However, constant development also requires access to relevant data and a willingness to explore which practices work best.

In one case, these small changes reduced heart failure and thousands in cost savings. Clinicians can work together to agree on a definition of quality, then start measuring their performance against that definition with data.

They can share and debate what the data reveals and identify what works best based on analytic insight. In this collaborative process, clinicians, team members, and operational leaders can learn from their experience.

Using data and analysis to drive continuous improvement is critical because organizations who focus on quality frequently have lower costs. Most clinicians would agree that the potential for savings in the care delivery process is exciting, but many doubt the feasibility of the required changes in a real-world clinical setting. To achieve these savings, cliniciansóthe team members who can change the front lines of careómust shift their mindset to measuring care by quality instead of quantity.

As clinicians work to optimize care delivery and outcomes, they shift the focus to what matters most in healthcare: the quality of care delivery to the patient. In the process of improving care delivery, healthcare organizations will manageóand cutócosts. By measuring value in healthcare, the industry will understand that clinicians play a central role as change agents in healthcare by improving care and bending the rising cost curve.

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