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Nuance pdf converter professional 7 activation code highmark performance

Nuance pdf converter professional 7 activation code

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Can a product be remotely disabled through product activation? No, the product cannot be remotely disabled through product activation. Why are customers being asked to activate their software?

Product activation is a simple way to verify the software license and stop the spread of software piracy. Over time, reduced piracy means that the software industry can invest more in product development, quality and support. This ensures better products and more innovation for the customer.

How will your Product Activation help stop piracy? Product Activation will help reduce casual copying by ensuring that the copy of the software product being installed is legal and has been installed on a PC in compliance with the End User License Agreement EULA. Installations beyond those allowed in the license agreement will fail to activate. How does the customer benefit from this approach? Product Activation also helps prevent unsuspecting customers from purchasing counterfeit software.

Customers who purchase counterfeit products could find they are missing key elements, such as user manuals, product keys, certificates of authenticity and even software code.

They may also find that the counterfeit software contains viruses or does not perform as well as the genuine product. Will Product Activation make it more difficult for customers to install and use the software?

Product Activation is designed to be simple and unobtrusive for customers who legitimately acquire the software license. For those who obtain a copy of the software illegally, Product Activation will make their inappropriate use of the product more difficult. Most customers have used Product Activation to date with little or no difficulty.

Point of Sale activation is an activation method that occurs at the store when the software is purchased Similar to pre-paid services, gift cards and loyalty cards; the software contains a barcode that must be "unlocked" at the register during the sale transaction.

This process is intended to reduce the retailer's risk of theft. During the Sales transaction, the product barcode will be scanned.

This will update the status of he license key on the POSA server to show that it has been paid for. When activating the Nuance product, the activation mechanism will validate the serial number and the POSA status. Upon confirmation of a positive status, the software activation process will complete. No, the POSA activation process does not require any additional steps. Will customers be notified that they have to activate?

Customers will be notified of the activation requirement on the outside of the box when they acquire a retail version of the product. They will also be reminded each time they log in up to the end of the activation grace period 5 tries before they are required to activate.

If they have not activated the product within the specified number of launches, they will need to do so to continue using the product. Is there a grace period during which the product will work without being activated? The customer may opt out of activating the product 5 times before they are required to activate.

If a customer chooses "Activate Later" at the end of installation, they will then only be able to choose "Activate Later" 4 more times. How does Product Activation connect over the Internet? Activation over the Internet requires users to have their own Internet service provider ISP connection.

Users who do not have an ISP connection will be asked to activate when the system connects to the internet. How does Activation respect customer privacy? Nuance Nuance highly values respect for and protection of customers' private information. User privacy was a paramount design goal in building our product activation technology. Nuance product activation is completely anonymous, and no personally identifiable information is collected.

Activation is different from product registration. The activation process is easy and should only take a few moments from start to finish. Web access is required for activation and no personal information is sent.

At the end of the software installation or during the first launch of the software, you will automatically be prompted to complete the activation process provided the serial number you entered was valid. The following activation steps are modeled on the Nuance OmniPage product. Your software product dialog box headers may reflect a different product name, but the steps and messages are exactly the same.

Manual activation requires you to change to the Manual Activation tab of the main activation form or click on the "Activate Now" button and select, "Activate Manually". There the user is required to manually enter the Machine Fingerprint and Serial Number into corresponding fields and then click on the "Generate Activation Key" button in order to create an activation unlock code.

The Activation Server generates and displays an activation code. If you do not have Internet access your product must activate manually. In order to accomplish this, you will need a computer with internet access and follow these instructions. All rights reserved. The activation dialog box is displayed and prompts you with two or three options, "Activate Now", "Activate Later" and "Test Connection". It may also display your serial number and Machine Fingerprint, as well as separate tabs for automatic and manual activation.

If the "Activate Later" button is selected, the product will prompt you to complete the activation process each subsequent time it is launched. The "Activate Later" button can only be selected to bypass the activation process 5 times before the product must be activated. If the product is not activated after this period of time, it will either operate in a reduced functionality mode or it will cease to operate completely until it is activated.

Note: This option may not be available for all software installations. Click on the "Activate Now" button.

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