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Sarvesh kulkarni cognizant amerigroup las vegas nevada

Sarvesh kulkarni cognizant

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Hameed Ansari for distinctive work in Music Therapy. Sarang is also an astrologer and palm reader with many renowned personalities being his clients. Sarang wishes to use this platform to spread his knowledge and pass on this rich heritage to the younger generation. Founder, Eternity Systems, Inc. Technology Entrepreneur, believes in spirituality, win-win for everone. Sanjay is an Entrepreneur and founder of Eternity Systems, Inc.

Sanjay has over 25 years of global IT Services experience. Sanjay has successfully delivered to a charter to scale the companies he worked for, build the culture of thought leadership and foster innovation as the primary differentiator to create benefit to the customers.

Sanjay has spent most of his professional life in front of the customers and is very passionate about working with customers, creating simple and innovative technology solutions to complex business problems. In addition to his day to day responsibilities, Sanjay is also associated with multiple non-profit organizations. Making her move from Mumbai to North America in , Leena began her journey as an advocate for Marathi culture in a home away from home. Being integral to many movements including working on the BMM executive committee, Leena initiated the Marathi Shala Project and saw it through to execution.

After moving to Toronto, she has been active in organizing and participating in Toronto's Marathi Bhashik Mandal. Associated with this community, she began organizing and participating in events that showcase local and international Marathi artists' dance, drama, music, and literature.

Leena herself has acted in a Marathi movie as well as Marathi theatre. Currently, working on creating awareness for Mental Health in the General Toronto Area, she hopes to create a safe space for not only the Marathi Community but all those needing one. I have been very interested in coaching teams on using agile methodologies, guiding product teams on effective product management. I've been in the US since I am a data geek and currently work as a data scientist.

Although am living in the US right now, I believe that the world is my oyster and I do think of myself as a global citizen. In the last few years I have travelled a lot across the US, mostly visiting National Parks and exploring the culture.

All travel credits go to my wife who is a travel junkie. I must say that my travel time increased exponentially after meeting her! I was part of South Africa Marathi Mandal for a short stint and participated in some of their cultural events. I also have over two years of research and internship experience.

My master's thesis was focused on numerical simulation of unsteady flow field in the blades of turbomachinery. I like to work on different innovative concepts and specialized topics in the domain of Mechanical Engineering. It has really helped me to build a multidisciplinary engineering profile. Through GMG, I am looking forward to meeting you all, sharing ideas, and transferring any skill which could be useful for the community, and most importantly, learning from all of you!

It is one of those things that kicks me out of bed to go to work. Currently, I am working as a Research scientist at a pharma company in Vancouver, Canada. A simple IT professional with close to 20 yrs IT experience. I was born and brought up in Vile Parle E , Mumbai. Did my computer engineering from Sardar Patel College of Engineering. I also teach Indian classical music in Canada and give my performances in North America.

Afterwards Migrated to Canada, worked for Bombardier and now retired. Self employed. All in the Information Technology fields. Uday is a seasoned IT executive with comprehensive management skills within IT Industry across the globe. Uday offers a collaborative management style which is underscored by leadership attitude based on 'integrity', 'fairness' and 'team first' principles.

Besides Automotive design, I am passionate towards the Internet of things, Self driving vehicles and Electric vehicles technology. Also, Marathi literature is always very close to my heart. I feel honored to join Garje Marathi and look forward to contributing my small portion towards its initiatives and also connect with the Global Marathi community.

Nikhil has been asscoiated with Non Profit organizations as part of community service for many years as well as mentoring newcomers coming into North America. Nikhil is a visionary leader, who has consistently demonstrated keen sense of marketplace especially in Supply Chain Industry. Borne in Mumbai and spent most of formative years in Mumbai and Pune, Nikhil has always been a strong supporter of our culture, heritage and Marathi!

Vice Chairman, Pathology. Physician Scientist Educator. Augusta, Georgia, United States. Executive Profile: Experienced physician-scientist and educator who creates unique value by providing outstanding laboratory medicine services and developing innovative complex molecular diagnostic tests. I am actively involved in business development, formulating marketing strategies, and developing strategic alliances with organization leaders to effectively align and support key business initiatives.

Care Philosophy: As a Board Certified Pathologist, it is my goal to render not only the most accurate diagnosis but also to provide and develop the highest quality predictive and prognostic tests as a part of personalized medicine.

Molecular Pathology workflow, operations, and process improvement. Subsequently, I pursued a Master of Science degree at University of Maryland and my primary research project focused on evaluating second generation ERK2 docking domain inhibitors as potential anticancer agent. I thereafter pursued my Ph. After completing of my Ph. I have over 10 years of research experience in Pharmacology and drug discovery for cancer.

My research interests include Pharmacology, specifically the use of natural products in drug development and repurposing FDA-approved drugs for cancer to enhance efficacy and reduce toxicities. Additionally, I would like to continue my research on novel treatments for cancer and designing novel combination therapy.

I am pharmaceutical scientist trained in the areas of drug delivery, cancer therapy, infectious diseases and global health. I was born and brought up in India Mumbai and Ahmedabad , and received my undergraduate training in pharmacy in Gandhinagar. I moved to the US to pursue my graduate education. Following my PhD at University of Minnesota,. I moved to Massachusetts Institute of Technology to conduct my postdoctoral training.

I reside in Cambridge, Massachusetts with my wife and son. Throughout my career, I have established a reputation as a transformational leader who is able to challenge the status quo with bold strategies and transform objectives into measurable deliverables.

My expertise encompasses all aspects of business strategy, development and management, from controlling costs and maximizing revenues to harnessing team strengths to improve companywide performance. Further, my ability to build consensus among executive teams and stakeholders to promote transparency and influence positive change has been repeatedly proven.

Furthermore, I offer essential intangibles such as an engaging and collaborative management style, persuasive negotiating talents, and clear foresight to navigate around potential operational risks. Success-oriented, organized professional acknowledged for delivering large cross-functional, transformational projects. Planned and successfully delivered multi-million dollar end-to-end projects including web portals and mobile applications.

An accomplished portfolio manager and consultant with a strong track record of leading teams to deliverables on-time and under budget. Excels in MS Office. Amol V. Janorkar received his B. Subsequently, he did a two-year postdoctoral research fellowship with a joint appointment at the Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Shriners Hospital for Children.

Janorkar was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor with tenure in July and then to the rank of Professor in July With his training and experience in the field of biomaterials and tissue engineering over the past 19 years, Dr. Amol Janorkar leads a research group that focuses on cell-biomaterial interactions to direct cell morphology and ultimate cell function.

The Janorkar Lab uses chemical and physical modification of biopolymer substrates to create three-dimensional in vitro tissue models that achieve enhanced survival and biological function versus conventional cultures for liver, adipose, and bone tissue engineering. Janorkar has published 55 journal articles and 54 conference proceedings. Janorkar and his students have made over conference presentations.

Recognizing these research accomplishments, the University of Mississippi Medical Center has awarded Dr. Recognizing his contributions to dental research, he has been inducted into the Omicron Kappa Upsilon National Dental Honor Society, which rarely inducts non-dentist faculty members. Janorkar also served as the Director of the Ph.

He continues to serve as the director and course faculty for several dental and graduate courses. Janorkar has mentored graduate 6 , undergraduate 36 , dental and medical 10 students, and post-docs 2.

His students have won 36 awards for outstanding research at local and national levels. Recognizing his teaching and mentoring, Dr. He has also been inducted into the Nelson Order of Teaching Excellence. I am a US resident since Currently live in Livingston, NJ. I have been in touch with our Marathi roots always and found my calling to serve the community while in Chicago Marathi Mandal under the leadership of Nitin Joshi.

I have since been a member and President of Marathi Vishwa. I am a consultant with Citi Bank and also teach as an adjunct professor at Rutgers, the state university of NJ. Looking forward to connecting with fellow Marathi speaking members. Aero IIT Bombay. Work roles as individual expert and team leader in large companies in US and India. Functional expertise engineering design, BI, data modeling, Finite element analysis.

Shirish Kulkarni is currently working as a CSO for Pharmwell Global at San Francisco Bay area with a primary focus on developing innovative and novel pharmaceutical dosage forms. After completion of Ph. In India, he worked for Lupin in Pune where he established Innovation Cell and contributed significantly to Lupin's phenomenal growth during that period.

He has over 55 patents, 30 scientific publications and presentations in various international journals and conferences. Currently, he lives in Bay area with a wife and two children, a daughter and a son. Both children are working in Bay area as well. I am pursuing my Ph.

I am basically from Aurangabad, India. Chaitanya joined Dow in March and has helped make sustainable advancements for the reporting in the Capital Projects area. Chaitanya developed and led the Hydrocarbons EMI project team for Manufacturing Analytics and actively leveraged his learnings to other projects. Chaitanya has successfully developed a conference helping digitization and gaining manufacturing intelligence from Chaitanya has received the Manufacturing Leadership awards in and Chaitanya holds a B.

Promoted innovation and entrepreneurship to deliver excellent clinical candidates and help launch several biotechs. Cofounded a biotech newco, ARTham Therapeutics. IHR facilitates Revenue i.

I enjoy sports,be it watching or playing. I have also worked in the automotive manufacturing domain for 2 years. I hail from Kolhapur, Maharashtra. I love music, hiking, swimming, working out and playing online games. I have immense respect for Shivaji Maharaj and I always like hearing and reading about his glory, courage and other immensely impressive qualities.

I currently live in Indianapolis, Indiana. I look forward to connecting with people here and build a good network. I am also looking for full time opportunities. I believe GarjeMarathi will be a great platform to connect with people from different spheres of life from Maharashtra who reside all around the world. Ashwin Chaudhari is a visionary entrepreneur who brings a positive mind-set, strategic planning, and resolute courage that empowers undertakings.

His unparalleled team building skills has been a key factor to many success stories. Ashwin is a motivational mentor, coach, and adviser to many professionals and startups. Ashwin also has founded a not-for-profit company, Art of Success, that helps students by being impactful in their lives. Ashwin brings 25 years of experience in executive management from companies such as Goldman Sachs, and his strong, proven conceptualization, innovation, out-of-the-box thinking, and adaptability will continue to empower enterprises to manage industry challenges.

Experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated performance working in the information technology and financial services industry. After a brief stint in industrial sales of filtration technologies, Sujit joined as a faculty in Chemical Engineering at the Datta Meghe College of Engineering, Navi Mumbai under the University of Mumbai.

I live in Ottawa, Canada. Reading management literature, racket sports, music are among things I enjoy. Helping with improvement of girl's educations is my passion.

He has managed large IT Transformation programs. I recently completed my master's degree from Clemson University in Industrial Engineering. I am originally from Pune, India. Currently, I am looking for full-time opportunities in the US. At EarthSense, he is leading the creation of a robotics and machine learning platform for transforming agricultural productivity and sustainability - starting with helping crop scientists accelerate crop breeding.

During his post-doctoral research centered on soil microbiomes, he developed new ways of understanding plant and soil microbiomes, studied the effects of agricultural management practices on agricultural microbiomes, and invented new ways of optimizing plant-microbiome interactions. Chinmay was previously also the Lead Engineer and co-inventor of key technologies at Soil Diagnostics, Inc.

I have been in CA for 7. I am originally from Mumbai India where my family is also based out of. I have future plans of moving to Canada. Looking forward to connect with the community. Feel free to reach out to me if I can be of any help to anyone. Hello all,. A bit about myself - Like everyone else , I came here for a job opportunity and for my grad school in Computer Engineering here.

I am an IT professional and have been living in US for last 24 years now. Currently working as a Product Manager Strategic analyst Team lead capacity as a consultant. I have been in living in Milwaukee Wisconsin for 23 yrs now, which you can say I live on an iceberg :. I am born and brought up in India - Pune Maharastra. I am quite independent, strong and happily single woman :. I have never been married and have no kids.

Albeit have not been lucky in that personal department, I am quite content with my life. Besides that, I am into meditation, yoga, Ayurveda. Like travelling a lot. Love indian classical music. I am also a coach - volunteer similar like life coach.

I am big into volunteering. I also volunteer at the nature center by me , whenver I get a chance. Looking forward to meet you all. If anyone have any questions, feel free to reach out to me - appudd gmail. I am Tushar Deshpande. I am a senior member of the enterprise cybersecurity software group for seven years at CA Technologies, a Broadcom company.

I have been effective team player and solo contributor. My interests are towards the emerging landscapes such as Cloud-native, Serverless, and Edge Computing. The platform currently supports over 80 state agency websites. Under his direction, Georgia became the first state in USA to use Drupal across its enterprise and meet special needs of constituents with a range of disabilities affecting vision, hearing, motion and cognition. Nikhil strongly advocated the use of social media for Georgia.

Nikhil has scaled great heights at very young age. There is no doubt that future holds great accomplishments and honours for him. He is going to make Maharashtra and India very proud. The story of this young man in his own words:.

He requested me to write a few inspirational words about my career path for the aspiring youth. I remembered a challenge I faced a couple years ago. Every year they select 40 people, under the age of 40, from a pool of about nominees. These awardees have made significant contribution in their field that benefits society. At the awards ceremony, I was asked what advice I would give my 20 year self.

As a school kid, I was more interested in life lessons than academia. Someone who excelled in academics, and aspired to be an engineer or a doctor. Instead I loved drawing and illustrating solutions for visual problems.

The creative space appreciated by very few people fascinated me. I am a big believer in the school of hard knocks. He gave me the needed guidance and made me go through hundreds of lines of code across several files.

My parents were appreciative of my passion for art and always showered unconditional love. They also worried about my future knowing I am not a mainstream student. They provided a caring environment to pursue any career and supported me when I decided to get into visual art. J School of Art to study advertising design.

It was refreshing to be amongst a college full of students who shared the same passion towards art. I belonged there and found my community. The constant feeling of being different than others and being on the fringe slowly disappeared. Studying advertising also taught me the nuances of visual and written communication.

The importance of tailoring your message so it is heard loud and clear apart from the rest of the noise. J, as we fondly refer to the college, introduced me to my wife Gauri at the age of After graduating from J.

J, she encouraged me to pursue higher education and introduced me to the Industrial Design Center at I. T Bombay. I was fortunate to be one of the 14 students selected amongst the thousands of applicants to pursue a masters in visual communication and design. As a project, I worked on a documentary to highlight Aured, a special needs school in Mumbai.

They work with hearing impaired children to bridge their journey to mainstream schooling. While I wanted to experience a life of independence, I knew I was signing up for something that needed a paradigm shift. I will have to relearn several elements of existence to understand a new culture and people.

Schooling in a new country taught me life lessons at every step. The safety net I had under me in India, suddenly disappeared and I was on my own. Independence has its challenges and I was getting ready for it. All geared towards one goal; that technology should be an enabler and not a barrier. If the promise is to make life easy for people by the use of technology, then technology itself should not be a challenge in itself.

The tech landscape evolves much faster than what people can cope with. My focus on problem solving, fulfilled through my several roles, helps me in my current role as the Chief Digital Officer for the State of Georgia. My charter is to formulate digital strategies for interactions between citizens and services offered digitally by the state.

Technology makes systems and processes efficient but my focus is to insert the human element to make sure services consider the struggles of people from all walks of life. Atlanta is one of the major U. S cities and brings in a lot of diversity. This poses a challenge for systems designed to cater to a monolithic population. My focus is to make sure any person regardless of language, mental or physical ability is able to use technology services without a struggle.

This includes people with physical limitations who access facilities that able people enjoy every day. I have built teams with the focus of user centred design and we work towards a common goal of simplifying technology.

This makes me happy and proud as a leader. As we keep elevating to the higher tiers of the Maslow pyramid, we realize our responsibility towards the society grows. When our decisions impact millions of people, it turns you into a humble and responsible leader.

In , StatesScoop Magazine honoured me with the National Leadership Award recognizing my contribution towards civic technology. It is not about the accolades, awards, or recognition. Going forward I plan to focus on giving back. Giving back to the society that built me.

I have helped and consulted with several start-ups springing up in India. It is assuring to experience the passion and the enthusiasm of young entrepreneurs working relentlessly towards a better society.

Find your passion and if possible, turn that into work. Surround yourself with people who share your values, morals, goals, and passions. Psychologists say we are an aggregate of the 5 closest people that surround us and spend most time with us.

Choose them wisely. Make sure you support each other to earn your food and enjoy together when it is time to smell the flowers. Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Rohit Karnik. Karnik is globally known for his work in the area of micro- and nanofluidics for applications in water, health-care and energy systems. He has developed devices for control of nanoscale fluid flows including the nanofluidic diode, transistor, and sensors.

His group has advanced novel nanoporous membrane materials for water filtration and gas separations, and obtained fundamental insights into nanoscale fluid flows. They have made membranes from graphene that are only one atom thick, which could be used for efficient water purification and other applications. They have moreover, developed new technologies for microfluidic separation and analysis of cells, and have created microfluidic devices to better control and optimize nanoparticles for drug delivery.

Karnik has furthermore, played a crucial role in the development of the Micro and Nanoengineering Laboratory class for undergraduate students at MIT. Rohit was born in at Pune to Mr. Nandkumar Madhukar Karnik and Mrs. Shubhada Nandkumar Karnik. His father is a chartered accountant retd. His B. Arun Majumdar. Rohit got his MS in year and in Ph.

His Ph. Robert Langer in Chemical Engineering. Rohit Karnik has delivered invited lectures in different parts of the Globe and has over 80 research papers to his credit.

He has filed over 20 patent applications and has supervised numerous theses at undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels. In a paper published in the journal PLoS ONE, co-author Associate Professor Rohit Karnik and a team of researchers demonstrate that a small piece of sapwood can filter out more than 99 percent of the bacteria E.

They say the size of the pores in sapwood — which contains xylem tissue evolved to transport sap up the length of a tree — allows water through while blocking most types of bacteria.

With my student Krithika Ramchander and collaborators at MIT D-Lab, we are working to develop useful filters that could be affordable to people. Besides Teaching, Dr. Karnik takes keen interest in photography, astronomy and traveling. He currently lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts with his wife. Siona Benjamin www. Outlook: My art making process gives me the opportunity to make social political change especially about issues of identity.

Advice: I am a proud Indian, a proud Jew and now a proud American. Be true to who you really are. Important Link: Plz see video and press listing on website: www. Current Status:.

My father had 3 brothers and we all lived together as a joint family of 19 people. It was a full household with a lot of kids my age to keep me company. When I was young, my mother always said that she wanted me to be a doctor and help people. Neither of my parents went to college, but still they had high hopes for what I would grow up to be. My mother, especially, placed high importance on getting a good education. After my high schooling at St. Unfortunately, my mother passed away when I was in my pre-med program from complications related to her chronic asthma and never got to see me achieve this dream of attending medical school.

I heard about the shortage of applicants for the residencies in the USA and decided to apply. I think fate made me go there just to meet my wife, Rekha, who was working at the same hospital. It was love at first sight and the rest is history. Needless to say, there was opposition initially to our alliance from both our families since I am Konkani and she is Marathi. Eventually, both families agreed and we were married in April of I was extremely lucky because I would not have been able to even afford the plane ticket, but the hospital loaned me the money for it.

This also gave me the chance to earn enough money to buy her a plane ticket. I arrived in Chicago with 8 dollars in my pocket the maximum allowable by Reserve Bank of India at that time. Chicago was hard. There were hardly any Indians around, no friends or family, and only one Indian grocery store. Rekha joined me in Chicago in September of and we soon experienced our first Midwest winter. We learned how to dress for below-freezing weather and wind so strong it would almost knock us over; quite a difference from living in Mumbai.

It was a huge adjustment to move to a new country without any supports but luckily, we were able to slowly start to build a network of good friends who soon became like family. We were all experiencing this new country for the first time, without any relatives close by, and we quickly formed bonds that would last a lifetime. After four grueling winters in Chicago, we decided to move to the Bay Area, where we have been settled ever since. Practicing medicine was so different then. The hospital would page me and I would have to look around for a pay phone to call them back.

Things have come a long way since then. Now, I can see the fetal monitoring strip, of my patient in labor, on my cell phone. Ever since I started my practice, Rekha has been the most supportive person in my life. She also worked with me in my office for 7 years. Delivering babies has been my passion and nothing can replace the gratitude and happiness that I see in the eyes of new parents, after I have delivered their baby.

I see the same gratefulness in couples, who had trouble conceiving, after helping them conceive. Rekha has always been artistic and has done many craft projects over the years, big and small, ranging from baby blankets to wedding backdrops and fancy antarpaths. She always believed in the importance of having hobbies and loves finding new and creative books and art supplies.

In , Rekha acted in her first full-length Marathi play without ever having acted before. Rekha describes the experience of working with such talented actors as having been so powerful, that she fearlessly performed her role with the same confidence as them. Since then, she has acted in numerous plays and went on to direct three plays, making her the first female director of a full-length Marathi play in the Bay Area.

One very special experience was when she got to be a part of the filming of a movie. The film actor, Mr. Because of this, she was given the unique opportunity to be the stand-in for this role in the scene showing when Sindhutai Sapkal first arrives at the airport in the U.

This was a very memorable experience for Rekha and she continues to value having being given that opportunity. Currently, she remains busy at the India Community Center in Milpitas, taking yoga classes, teaching skits and dances to senior citizens, and volunteering her time whenever help is needed. Neha is now a lawyer who advocates for children and youth at Law Foundation. Vishal started learning tabla at the age of five and still enjoys playing.

This would have helped save numerous lives killed by drunk drivers. This is one of my big disappointments. Hopefully, someday the installation of that device will become standard in cars and save many lives. I was happy when I heard that the California legislature recently passed a law making it mandatory for all DUI convicted drivers to have the device installed in their car.

Important Link: My practice website is obgynsanjose. Owner, Noble-Tech Consulting Services. Committee Member and Active Volunteer for various initiatives related to mental illness awareness.

For that I need to actively associate myself with like-minded groups and be ready to be a small part of big vision. Learn various social skills along with your academic and professional skills. In long run, these skills are more fruitful for you and the society around you. Learn at deeper level and demonstrate your expertise through your work. Ajay Koshti holds B. Post Columbia accident, he led the project of developing and implementing infrared nondestructive testing of Space Shuttle wing leading edge and nose cone for pre-flight ground processing.

He chaired NASA Orbiter NDE Working Group and contributed to development and implementation of nondestructive methods used on Orbiter hardware such as vertical tail lug joints, main propulsion system MPS flowliners, MPS valve poppets, composite pressure vessels, midbody boron-aluminum struts, payload bay doors, laminated and honeycomb composite structures.

He led the implementation of ultrasonic preload measurements on some Space Shuttle critical joints such as Orbiter to ET umbilical disconnect bolts, Orbiter to Boeing attachment bolts and Orbiter vertical tail forward attachment bolts.

He authored or co-authored over 45 research papers and reports, some of which have been cited in other research papers and patents. He has three patents in infrared thermography. Senior Scientific Researcher. This role allows me to explore the fundamental and exploratory biochemistry involved in the drug discovery process. I have always been fascinated by disease mechanisms and the process by which drugs targeting life threatening diseases have been discovered. Working at a large biopharmaceutical company like Genentech provides me the opportunity to contribute toward discovering and making available new life-saving drugs for patients.

Associated with Sewa International. After worked initially in india, Shri. Amol is a practicing physician, health economist, and engineer with a deep expertise in delivery transformation and policy design.

His work on the utilization of advanced health data analytics and technology to improve healthcare delivery has been implemented at numerous large health systems. These streams include a mix of pragmatic clinical trials and observational data analyses. His research currently focuses on bundled payments, applications of behavioral economics to physicians and non-physician clinicians, optimal use of performance feedback in healthcare, and design of predictive models to drive behavior change.

Amol is inspired to transform healthcare delivery for his patients. As a practicing physician, he sees the complexity and hardships of healthcare financing and delivery in a very personal way. He is inspired by his patients on a day-to-day basis and hopes that his work will improve their lives and those of Americans nationwide. Amol is also an avid tennis player. He played on his high school team and was ranked in his age group among the top 30 players in Georgia.

His wife Reshama is also a physician, who specializes in high-risk pregnancy care. They met at UPenn in the medical school. They have two children, Ayush and Diya. Current Status: Provide access to a business team who can provide degrees mentorship in starting the online business; either as a side hustle or full time. Love Spirituality and travel the world.

Future: Be a blessing for a fellow human being. Help millions of people in a positive way. Travel whole world. Teach people to own a business. Important Link: www.

I did my Ph. During his 2nd year of MBBS, Prathamesh observed that technology was changing at a very rapid rate, but healthcare as a sector was mostly unaffected.

Advancements in engineering could address problems associated with low doctor-patient ratio, access, training, and cost-efficiency similar to the way they had affected other sectors historically. He reached out to mentors and industry leaders working at the intersection of healthcare and technology. After working and learning with extremely talented computer scientist and engineers, his assumptions about technological trends were validated. Prathamesh wanted to advance his skills in the commercialization of technology ventures further.

The Class II medical device assists providers to deliver safe and optimal manual ventilation non-invasively to patients with cardiac arrest, respiratory distress, and under the influence of general anesthesia. Prathamesh is also affiliated with venture capital firms- F50 Venture and FundRx- that invest in early-stage startups. The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center is thrilled to have the following entrepreneurs in its Milestone Maker accelerator program.

Entrepreneurs in the program were hand selected after a competitive application process. Practicing Chartered Accountant and Entertainment industry advisor. Till today: Fairly good career path, not very many regrets mostly been there and done that but want to learn and practice Golf.

I am mahesh Choudhary from Aurangabad maharashtra. Currently working as wireless solution sales director in Latin America. Neha Joshi, is a Senior Manager at Hydro One and has worked with Deloitte and Capgemini Consulting, with both in the private and quasi government sectors.

She is mother of 2 kids and believes in giving back to the community by doing voluntary work by coaching and mentoring. She strongly believes in empowering future generations through education and technology. After leaving Akron, I soon met, Scott Beale, Founder of Washington DC based non-profit Atlas Corps he was a leader of UN peace corps and he founded this non-profit in to bring world leaders in non-profits together to foster 21st century innovation in social sector.

Talking to these leaders has completely changed my life. I am passionate about bringing groundbreaking therapies to market to treat diseases which were untreatable earlier.

Currently, as a Strategy and Licensing Officer at UMass Medical School, technology commercialization, entrepreneurship, and strategy consulting are three key areas of my practice. Our clinicians and scientist are working on treatments that are changing landscape of Boston and San Francisco Biotech industry.

While I was juggling my part-time jobs, I met a dynamic woman, Nicole, who was leading a non-profit in the area of Art and culture for socio-economic development of the Akron. When I talked to her about areas of my interest and her work in the field of entrepreneurship, I was impressed and wanted to learn as much as possible from her. After a couple of meetings, she invited me to join her board and soon I started attending board meetings, helping out with agenda, reviewing financial budgeting, providing my perspective to help in strategic direction of the non-profit organization.

This was when I learned a great deal about non-profit board governance. I am well connected to Nicole. She mentors me to fuel my interest in non-profits. Previously, I worked as a venture capital analyst where I was doing search-evaluation and investment due-diligence. During this time, I talked to executives driven to solve problems in energy, technology, agriculture, food, transportation, materials, and medical.

Before this, also while I was doing my Ph. I spearheaded commercialization of the technology by building a business model, getting mentors on board, and laying the foundation of a startup company.

This led us to get on board an experienced CEO who has been leading the company since then and grown to 5 employees. During my Ph. I shadowed nurses while they changed dressings. My Father worked for Indian Railways in Telecommunications dept. Prakash Bhate, former head of dept.

Dyestuff Technology acted as my mentor during my bachelors and Ph. His work ethic and approach to solving problems made us unique and instilled confidence. He also invited various folks form industry and company founders to have an informal chat with us to boost our confidence and to give us guidance for next steps.

Amongst Friends notable are Aditya Iyer, Aakruti Mehta, Priya Talmale, and others who all together gave a sense of belonging to a group, sometimes made it difficult to succeed academically but taught a lesson to help succeed in life later. I left India to seek global education and expose myself to broader entrepreneur community and of course make money. Initial days as would be for others were difficult. I did go through issues in personal life that percolated until first 2 years which greatly affected my experience.

I decided to continue being a business professional despite a degree in engineering. The reason was I would make a better business professional than a scientist, and it made sense to do what I was good at. That fuels my passion. In the future, I plan to lead a business in area that will transform how world approaches healthcare innovation.

I want to meet people who are in general interested in inspiring others to achieve greater heights and join forces with them to create something for India where despite improving education the quality of life and mindset often hinders the growth. The world is going in all sorts of directions with heavy influence on technology, education, and healthcare. Find what you are hungry for and foster your hunger. This phrase has changed meanings at different points of time in my life and whenever I hit a roadblock I go back to it.

Implementation Director. Eternally grateful to India for virtually-free education and exposure to rich musical and food traditions. Had a wonderful time at Berkeley and made some great friends there. Expanded my narrow social horizons — friends, music, European cinema, wine, international politics and science.

Got the rare opportunity to study tabla with Ustad Zakir Hussain during his workshops each year for next 15 years. Took the first job that I interviewed for and it had nothing to do with Mechanical Engineering and decided that I like the bay area and want to stay here. Remained in professional services from through now and climbed the career ladder much like most of us.

Realized that you really only use 0. Wish to help my son develop a better perspective on life early on than I ever was able to develop in my younger years. Wish to learn to be a kinder person and leave the world around me better than I found it — and hopefully be able to teach my son the same values. Live in Mountain View, CA with my son and wife. Son continues to amaze me with his brilliance and a streak of sarcasm the latter seems to be inherited.

I would love to see him blossom into a kind-hearted smart person who is able to make rational and just decisions in life. Consider myself extremely lucky to be married to a woman who shares my streak of sarcasm, sense of humor and many interests.

She is a wonderful companion and a great antidote for my laziness! Politics getting in the way of managing climate change is worrisome. I hope that human ingenuity will eventually continue to steer the human race away from getting extinct!

It is disappointing to see people in India and also US paying more attention to what paparazzi say than what an economist or a historian or a scientist might say! Maharashtra Times is not what it used to be, Doordarshan has gone extinct taking its old treasure of programming with it and we are now subjected to an atrocious lineup of cable TV channels filling time with vulgar soap operas and endless crime news.

As for future for India — I think its brightness depends on how quickly India can control population, stay focused on improving infrastructure, elevate the standard of living for the poorest of poor and improve quality control everywhere. Now to sound a bit more positive, within my own domain of interest, it is refreshing to see a wild bloom of amazingly talented young tabla players as well as vocalists and instrumentalists.

I work with early and growth stage tech companies in US, Europe and Asia to help them scale and grow into thriving businesses with game-changing solutions. My focus areas are: growth acceleration, go-to-market, customer success, partnerships, operational excellence, funding, and exit strategy. My wife Tejaswi Kadam, is a filmmaker, I help her with script writing, editing, as a second-pair-of-eyes to improve the narrative. My initial understanding of filmmaking came from working with him on the sets and acting in his film as a child actor.

Mother: Pramila was a homemaker and biggest influence on my life — she was a fighter and pushed me hard to realize my dreams, and her dreams of me. Softplus was an enterprise software development company. In , I turned the company into a Products Company and launched one of the early products built in India — it was called Executive Desk, basically a productivity tool for busy executive for better time management.

It was translated into French and German, and was digitally distributed the world over using internet services which were very primitive in those days. I left India because, India was an IT services country, and no one believed that India could produce world-class products for the international markets.

So the funding avenues for product companies were limited. Moving to US was easy, and the timing was right with lot of Y2K activity in I never looked back after coming to US, great job environments that helped both with personal and career growth. Opportunity to work with startups while at a job enabled me to hone my founder and advisor skills. That way I have the thrill of doing multiple startups in parallel and get to interact with amazing founders and techies to get a deep dive into the latest and the greatest.

It is my dream to take the entrepreneurship methodology and apply it to the cottage industry in India. I live with my wife, Tejaswi, another major influence on my life with so much love and care; she stood behind every decision even when the results adversely impacted us.

Hopefully the new wave of entrepreneurship will change that. You are unique, realize that. Play on your strengths, and do not compromise on principles and ethics for money. Not the other way around. It starts with you! Be proud of your Marathi roots, and in your own way, help the community to make its mark in every facet of life. I run a software company that specializes in providing machine learning solutions for fixed asset management. Our clients are large companies in real estate, manufacturing, and utilities.

Specialized in the development of computational and analytical models for damage, fracture, fatigue and scaling in heterogeneous quasi-brittle materials such as composites and concrete. Also interested in geo-mechanics, poro-mechanics, poly-crystal plasticity, probabilistic mechanics, and multi-scale modeling.

Chemical Engineering — Dr. Rutooj is widely recognized lithium ion battery expert with extensive battery integration experience in automotive OEM environment. Battery power limit early prediction method development for high load events.

Six-sigma black belt project, US patent pending — Investigated effects of cell temperature gradients on cell performance and life. SAE World Congress , oral presentation — Conducted battery thermal system testing to characterize the thermal properties of new generation battery cooling system design.

Owner Director Indian Shallots-. A start up related with Indian spices and Culinary importance of Indo Brazil cuisine. I travel a lot for my Knowledge updates as a cross cultural Sociology observer. So far I have travelled in approximately 22 countries. This High School is founded by my Family. Grade 5 th to Grade 10 th. As a family we are shaping many lives through Education.

This was past, is present and will be future mission of my family. Mother of 19 years old son and 5 years old Shitzu. Wife of Multinational companies Country Head. Interacted with customers from all parts of the globe. Enjoys helping kids in their personality growth, education. Chance Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Minnesota to help underprivileged children in India with their basic education, health and development needs.

Every eighth urban child in India, under the age of 6 lives in a slum. Children in the slums are left without a sense of security, stability and direction in life.

Sadly, the lack of basic necessities like food, healthcare, education or even role models, rob children of any hopes of rising above the poverty. Many NGOs are working hard for this cause. However, the magnitude of this problem begs for much greater efforts. Empower underprivileged children by providing resources for education, health and life skills development. All India fame Pediatrician Dr. Suniti Bodhankar is a Social worker. Vasant Sathe Congressman and Lawyer greatly influenced me throughout my childhood and career.

I am brought up to be adventurous and explore opportunities in uncharted territories. National Society of Professional Engineers. Southeastern Consortium for Minorities in Engineering - — Professional Engineering Journal. Electrical Construction and Maintenance Journal. Nunan Research Symposium, NY. Senate - House of Representatives- Green Building Certification Institute - Graduate Student Award , L. Smith College of Engineering, Syracuse University - Independent thinker and result focused achiever with a history of progressive organizational leadership growth.

Fun-loving mentor, who enjoys motivating diverse team members to grow. Hands-on contributor, who assumes ownership of achieving timely completion of demanding projects. In order to impact a broad audience, they built the solution to cater to Hospitals systems, Genetic testing labs, Insurance companies and Corporations.

Previously Sanjay founded RiseSmart to deliver higher quality career transition services outplacement via cutting edge, proprietary technology to forward-thinking and compassionate employers who wanted their employees to land the right new jobs—fast. Sanjay founded RiseSmart after more than two decades in marketing and general management, leading successful sales and marketing organizations domestically and internationally for more than 20 years.

He has specialized in product marketing, CRM, loyalty programs, branding, marketing communications, public relations and strategic alliance initiatives for companies in information management, telecom, banking, airline and technology.

Sanjay holds a Master of Business Management degree from the Asian Institute of Management in Manila, Philippines, and has completed an executive education program at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. AGCO Corporation is an American agricultural equipment manufacturer, a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural equipment headquartered in Duluth, Georgia,.

The team is responsible for coming up with proof of concepts ahead of new product development projects, and often partners with universities, govt.

Ravi built this function from scratch and developed it into a global team that focused on technology investigations and proof of concepts.

He also built global groups around simulation, IP, sustainability, and handed them over to capable subject matter experts. Ravi currently focuses on converting powerful machines into smart and connected machinery solutions for the end user. His other mission is to develop — manage the external innovation ecosystem to leverage internal expertise. Ravi has been with AGCO for more than 15 years in various innovation, strategic projects and product engineering roles.

Ravi had returned to India for 4 years and successfully developed component and engineering sourcing hub for the company. Alex joined Customized Energy Solutions in March He works for the Infrastructure Team as a database administrator.

Alex has over 10 years of database administration experience. Alex joined Customized Energy Solutions in February Alex spend 14 years working as Sr. Aliza provides billing support for the retail team and focuses on complex billing and bill ready EDI bills process. Prior to working at CES, she worked for Thomas Cook process for credit control team and managed account receivable debt.

His previous roles involved client interaction and understanding their needs and market research. He is also well-versed with SDLC lifecycle. Andrea Calo is the Director of Mexico Market Intelligence with Customized Energy Solutions where she focuses on analyzing and reporting on the Mexican electricity market rules, their implementation and implications, helping clients navigate the complicated labyrinth of regulations, manuals and processes.

Before working with CES Andrea worked for Duke Energy International, where among other responsibilities she led efforts for business development in Colombia and Mexico, and prior to that was Legal Director at Enron Argentina, and in-house counsel for multinational energy corporations in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Andrea earned her J. Andrew joined Customized Energy Solutions in Andrew brings over twenty years of experience in the electricity and natural gas markets across North America. His core expertise is in the power sector with deep experience in both the wholesale and retail markets. He started working with the Retail Billing group but transitioned to a full time QA Analyst role after graduation. His responsibilities include writing test cases and requirements, analyzing system functionality and testing throughout multiple environments.

In his spare time, Andrew enjoys rooting for the Sixers and traveling to new places. She is responsible for client support and problem resolution and testing functions to support Retail Operations.

He has graduated from Dr. He began his career with Customized Energy Solutions and is responsible for office management and day to day routine work like inventory management, keeping records, document management etc. He has been working for CES as a contractor since July He has 12 years of experience in Software Development. Anila is currently providing marketing support to all of the CES Business Lines, including conferences, presentations and the creation of new and improved marketing materials.

Prior to joining CES, Anila was a Marketing Manager providing marketing support to over suppliers and distributors in the industrial supply division. Anila has also previously worked as an Account Manager at a local advertising firm where she was responsible for preparing and presenting client deliverables as well as managing over trade shows and creating innovative marketing materials.

Anjan Kumar Merkap has over 6 years of experience, working across renewable energy, industrial automation, and financial services. Anjan is an experienced professional in the clean tech domain, covering e-mobility, energy storage and smart grids. He joined CES in December He works with optimization and deep learning models geared towards optimization of energy storage resource. He also worked on the implementation of double auction in the energy market, weighing several bidding strategies to identify the optimal one and deploying it on the Ethereum blockchain through a smart contract.

Throughout the coursework, his research focused on the applications of machine learning algorithms to electrical systems. As a senior consultant, Ann assists clients with evaluating the costs and benefits of emerging technologies under different market structures. Ann has extensive experience in modeling the technical and economic aspects of energy storage and other emerging technologies.

Her work includes developing use cases and value proposition of integrating energy storage with renewable energy projects and evaluating the technical capabilities of various types of energy storage technologies in both structured markets and isolated electric grids.

Prior to joining Customized, Ann helped a leading energy storage manufacturer evaluate new market opportunities and manage operating projects. At CES, he is responsible of business development for open access clients, Renewable Energy Market REC , Demand Response DR , deciding bidding strategies for clients, contract management, and operational aspects of power trading and regulatory assistance to the clients.

In addition, as a technical expert in power market studies, he supports clients with various consulting projects such as Transmission Congestion Analysis, Production Cost Modeling, Power Flow Analysis, and Available Transfer Capability Calculations. He has wide experience in B2B media and worked for several international publications and events.

He has over 5 years of experience in research and analysis in electrochemical properties of electrodeposited metallic coatings and metal matrix composites. He also has over 2 years research in model biogas undergoing carbon dry reforming of nickel-alumina pellet catalyst in a fixed bed reactor. He has multiple journal publications in international journals in materials engineering and a conference submission for an international conference in microscopy and microanalysis.

Atul worked a 9-month internship and onsite experience in Manufacturing and Engineering Services that involved installation and service at Honeywell Automation India Ltd.

Pune and Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd. T, Pune MOU. T Pune Pune University. Today, Avanthika is working as an Industry Research Manager. Avanthika has brought over nine years of experience in the Energy and Power systems sector in market research and strategic consulting.

Balaji has around eight years of experience in software development lifecycle including analysis, design documentation and web-based application development using Microsoft Technologies. Prior to joining CES, Bao has 5 years of experience working in the software industry, where he was the developer of various salesforce and human resources systems. Barbara Clemenhagen joined Customized in and is an expert in regulatory advocacy and market design, with a focus on energy markets.

She has experience with leading strategic initiatives for generators, power marketers and retailers to enhance competitive markets, including the design and establishment of markets, and the introduction of new rules, structures, services and products. During her extensive career she has taken on projects that range from strategic to operational, and include strategy and business planning, market design, regulatory, project finance, acquisitions and divestitures.

Her specialties include: commodity markets, market design, regulatory and administrative law, and project finance. From January to March , she was the President of the Texas Competitive Power Advocates; a trade association representing the largest power generators, wholesale power marketers and retail electric providers in ERCOT.

His current responsibilities include the monitoring, diagnostics, curtailment, and remote repair of wind farms. His research interests include energy storage, electric vehicles, renewable energy, green fuels and emerging technologies. He has over nine years of experience, working in solar PV, battery storage technologies and electric vehicles. His expertise lies in supply-chain analysis, techno-economic analysis and technology assessment for sustainability.

He has conducted various studies which have provided actionable inputs to stakeholders across public and private sectors. He has authored various research outputs including technical reports, journal articles, conference papers, policy briefs, book chapters, and more. He also publishes opinion articles to disseminate important research findings of public interest.

He also worked with a renewable energy consulting firm as a Strategic Consultant where he was involved with Central Government, State Government and other private organizations for Solar PV Projects. Bill joined Customized in October He is leading internal technology initiatives to provide web-based reports to clients and to streamline internal operations pertaining to ISO interfaces.

Bill has a background in systems integration, market operations and market settlements within the deregulated electric power industry. Bill joined Customized Energy Solutions in October His primary area of focus is providing PJM regulatory coverage with an interest in generation assets. Bindu joined CES in January She has experience in policy and regulatory framework of the power sector along with equally good understanding of the entire power sector value chain.

Her experience includes research and analysis on different power sector issues, markets and trends, etc. She also has 2 years of experience in a start-up company in Thailand. She has been involved in all parts of the software development cycle, such as interacting with clients to make clear requirements and working on testing as part of projects. The CES hour Market Operations Center is fully staffed with regional grid operator-certified personnel who perform wholesale forward market offers, real-time generation offers, scheduling and monitoring, curtailment management, and reserve and regulation offers and monitoring.

Brian joined CES in April After supporting the Retail Services team in various business and technical initiatives, he now provides these services to all CES technical teams. Brian holds a B. Prior to joining CES, Brian has worked in the software industry for over 10 years working for companies in the financial and healthcare industries. He brings a strong background of everything from full stack software development to IT planning and strategy.

Bridget has more than 20 years of experience in the Texas electric industry, including managing regulatory and compliance programs for different types of electric utilities and working on behalf of the Public Utility Commission of Texas PUCT. Bridget previously served in roles as the Director of Regulatory Affairs for Sharyland Utilities, LP and Lone Star Transmission, LLC, leading regulatory activities which respectively included transitioning from bundled retail electric service to retail competition and establishing the regulatory program for a new transmission utility established through the Competitive Renewable Energy Zones process.

At the PUCT, Bridget served as a policy analyst and primary advisor to four different Commissioners, advising on all aspects of electric issues including rulemakings, contested cases, and general policy development. During this time, Bridget assisted with issues surrounding the transition of the retail electric market to a competitive model, which involved balancing the various perspectives of market participants to create successful market guidelines, and advised on market issues in both ERCOT and the Southwest Power Pool.

Financial Analyst. She is on the Retail Services team and is primarily focused on complex billing, managed portfolio, and resettlements. Prior to joining CES, Caitlin worked in the wind industry, gaining experience with financial reporting, forecasting, and sales. During graduation, he had undertaken various projects and also founded and headed a solar-electric vehicle team, Team Solarium. Carl joined Customized in October Carla joined Customized Energy Solutions in November Her current role as part of the Retail Services team includes assisting clients with new market entry and enrollments.

Carla gained over 13 years of experience in the energy industry working for GE Nuclear Energy and Constellation NewEnergy as a software engineer and production support analyst.

Some of her duties included the implementation and support for monitoring, billing, and enrollment systems for multiple markets throughout the US. Chandrashekhar has 32 years of experience in corporate finance, capital markets, manufacturing and consulting. Ltd in the areas of electric mobility and clean technologies, corporate advisory, fundraising, business valuations, institutional road shows and portfolio investments in India.

Charles has over 10 years of experience working in the Retail Energy industry in various capacities as an analyst, consultant, and operations manager. Chuck supports the day-to-day activity in the Day-Ahead and Real-time energy markets. Charlie joined Customized Energy Solutions in February as Senior Analyst of Retail Market Services, working on the Retail Team with a focus on load forecasting and retail portfolio management and analytics.

During a leave of absence from the agency in he served as general counsel for a renewable energy developer. In EPA appointed Charlie to the Superfund Working Group of the National Environmental Justice Advisory Council, which is advising the EPA Administrator on how to better ensure community acceptance of Superfund cleanups and revitalization of communities in a manner that recognizes the unique burdens and vulnerabilities of adjacent environmental justice populations. Between and he served on the Lower Merion Township Planning Commission, the last four years as co-chair.

He currently serves as a member of the board of the Energy Coordinating Agency, which provides programs to help address the energy needs of low-income Philadelphians through energy conservation, education, heating, and home repair services. Charlie has presented at numerous professional conferences on various environmental and energy law issues.

He has taught environmental law at several different universities in the U. He has been named a U. Charlie holds a B. She has previous experience in functional testing, API testing and database verification for web. She is involved in QA testing activities in support of the release of ETL, reporting and web applications. Prior to CES, she has worked with product-based organizations as a QA Engineer, performing manual and automation QA responsibilities in the banking domains.

His current responsibilities include the monitoring, diagnostics, curtailment and remote repair of wind farms. Chris joined CES in April His areas of expertise include resource adequacy, transmission cost recovery and emerging technologies. He provides regulatory coverage of SPP, which includes reporting and analysis on working group and committee activities.

Chris graduated from Allentown College of St. He worked in construction and signage before joining CES. He previously was a Project Coordinator where he developed and improved skills such as multiple project coordination, employee training, administrative assistance, data entry, and accounting. Craig joined Customized Energy Solutions in October , bringing more than 20 years of software sales, marketing, development and delivery experience to the CES Retail Team.

He has managed numerous merger and acquisition efforts for large wholesale market participants across the country. Curtis has experience providing and implementing front, mid, and back office services and solutions for clients. Curtis leverages his extensive business acumen complimented by a strong technology background to effectively and efficiently provide superior customer service. Through his extensive experience in the industry, Curtis adds depth and breadth to the Customized Energy Solutions team.

He is primarily focused on developing load forecasts along with performing quantitative and qualitative analyses. He provides support to the group in billing operations, EDI, and client and data management.

Prior to joining CES, Dan managed the records database for an intellectual property legal practice. He graduated from West Chester University with a degree in English. He was responsible for setting up servers and network design. He is a self taught IT expert with more than 15 years of experience. Dan has also worked as a real-time energy trader for both Puget Sound Energy and Tri-State Generation and Transmission, gaining broad experience in the wholesale bilateral energy markets of the Western United States.

Darshil works as an Analyst. He joined CES in Jan, He has been working for CES as a contractor since April He has 2 years of experience in Software Development. He has background in web tool and front end development. Prior to joining CES, Dat worked in the software development industry for over 11 years as a technical expert, team lead and full-stack developer. He has more than 6 years of experience in application development, maintenance, and support lifecycle.

This broad role entails analyzing market and customer data to evaluate market opportunities, developing new business, and providing the most economical propositions to the customer. This requires completion of compliance and settlements tasks for ISO DR programs and keeping up to date on the DR regulatory environment and energy markets.

David is excited to apply his 18 years of customer service and management experience to the position. David earned his B. David joined Customized Energy Solutions in January David provides reporting services regarding ongoing developments in the policies and rules of the MISO markets. He also provides economic and regulatory consulting services, including litigation support. FERC has favorably relied on his testimony in cost allocation and market power cases.

David joined Customized Energy Solutions in August, As a senior database administrator of IS team, he serves all business lines needs in database development and management areas. David brings over 20 years IT industry experience in database management and software development. David has his B. He has about 12 years of very diverse experience in.

Net technologies. He has experience in System Architecture and Database Designing. He was responsible for building highly scalable, performant, and robust software solutions from concept to delivery.

Debi joined Customized Energy solutions in April He has been involved in financial analysis and modeling for both India and US market projects. He is responsible for market research and report writing for Renewable energy and Emerging Technology applications. He started his career as PA to MD in Enkay Homes, and later he joined Manikaran Power, he was an integral part for liasoning and business development team for 2years.

She has 3. She currently provides marketing support in activities related to CES and India Energy Storage Alliance by creating marketing and branding material for conferences and webinars. Prior to joining CES, Devyani has primarily worked in the field of IT where she was heading the marketing function for a product based company in Pune. She was responsible for creation of marketing material for ERP and other softwares, various industry representations, technical content curation and strategy and branding.

His main responsibilities include software development and data integrity assurance related to operations, billing and reporting in CES BLUE. Scrum Master. Doug brings over 20 years of technology experience across a variety of industries and technologies from operations, DevOps, project management and nearly 10 years Agile project management skills.

His goal within CES is to assist in the acceleration of technology and team growth. As a member of the Scrum Alliance family, he is keeping up with latest trends and best practices with Agile project management.

Manne Venkateswarlu MV has two decades of research experience in the field of battery materials and rechargeable batteries. He received his M. Sc, M. Prior to that, he served as a faculty at SRM Easwari Engineering College, Chennai where he received research project grant on developing Solid Electrolyte materials for demonstration of prototype Solid State Batteries.

He played an anchor role in obtaining li-ion battery technology licence from ISRO and setting up pilot scale manufacturing facilities of li-ion cells of all three form factors. For his persistent contribution to the green energy storage technologies; he was recipient of an appreciation from MRS Singapore in the year He leads the Emerging Technologies domain for Customized Energy Solutions globally, and has emerged as a thought leader in the areas of energy storage, renewables, demand response, electric vehicles, and smart grid technologies.

Rahul founded the India Energy Storage Alliance in and continues to serve as its President, improving energy storage and e-mobility in India. Ministry of Power also inducted Rahul in to be part of the technical committee.

His role consists of submitting drafts of comprehensive policy framework and recommending other necessary interventions and measures for promotion of storage related projects. Rahul holds a Ph. His focus is on consulting services in the area of energy storage and conversion technologies for various applications such as automotive, stationary power, portable power and grid scale storage. Additionally he assists with evaluation, validation and competitive bench marking of technologies.

Satyajit has in depth understanding of various energy storage technologies owing to his many years of involvement in the research and development of novel battery chemistry and materials for fuel cells. He holds three licensed patents in the area of batteries and is the author of several technical articles in this field. Drew has joined the Data Acquisition Services team developing, setting up, and supporting the DAS systems and services.

He has been working in professional software development about 14 years for US companies in Trading System and Tax System. He has the knowledge of programming philosophy, and he is passionate and willing to learn new technologies. His paper is about finding an artificial intelligence solution to detect name disambiguation for integrating data from many sources.

Prior to joining CES, Dung has 7 years of experience working in the software industry and was involved in all parts of the software development cycle, such as meeting with the client and working on testing parts of the project.

Dustin joined Customized in September, As a system operator he is part of a 24 hr. Additionally, he is engaged with dispatching and conducting regular day to day operations such as coordinating outages and communicating with engineers and technicians over multiple facilities. He also carries out ongoing reporting procedures while handling bids for different ISO energy markets.

Primarily he was engaged with P-3 Squadrons operating sensor systems, airborne electrical equipment, and acting as an inflight communications operator. He became a watch supervisor for the remaining years in the Navy at the Integrated Underwater Surveillance System facility in Virginia Beach conducting anti-submarine warfare tactics, analysis and tracking. Dustin also obtained a second Bachelor of Science degree in Photography at the Art Institute of Philadelphia and is an enthusiastic outdoor and wildlife photographer.

Some of his ongoing projects include Cowtown Rodeo and the Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania where he is also a volunteer. Software Developer in May Duy has previous experience working with UK clients since in financial, shipping processes, banking, and insurance. He also has previous experience as a Technical Architect and working onsite in the UK. He has technical skills in OS, programming languages, database, communication and networks, frameworks, libraries, services, and methodologies and tools.

He is also responsible for managing several battery storage units and the control of several Hydro generator units. She has been involved in modelling, data analysis along with market research. Her research is focused on areas such as energy storage systems and renewable energy. At CSTEP, Epica worked in the field of electric vehicle, battery and renewable energy where she was involved in research and analysis activities.

She has a few publications including a report and journal paper in this sector. Eric used his extensive finance and energy trading background with high attention to market analysis and risk management to ensure adequate margins for Guttman.

Erica has a focus on client support in BLUE Administration and account updates along with assisting with change request management. Erica joined CES with a background in data management and integration, client support, and sales.

She was responsible for providing clients with onboardings, customized trainings, and consulting services to help meet their business goals along with data collection, input, and quality assurance.

In this role he provided market updates and information on market rule changes to many clients in PJM. Faizan is currently involved in solution architecture design, development, research, and support of software. He is also responsible for developing software platforms for real-time systems to increase reliability and having effective data interface for applications.

His role was to execute development of projects from concept to delivery with highly scalable, performant and robust software solutions.

Faizan has more than 5 years of experience in software development. Ganesh also implemented an OpenStack framework that allows developers to allocate infrastructure resources on their own for faster development in lower environments. He is responsible for managing and prioritizing Infrastructure and technology-related project initiatives for the enterprise. He has over three years of experience in software development sector in front-end development and back-end development.

Before joining CES, Gayatri worked with h2e Power Systems as an electrical engineer and also contributed in the development of solid oxide fuel cell.

Gina joined Customized Energy Solutions in April As part of the Retail Services team, her primary focus is to provide retail natural gas suppliers support with new market entry, customer enrollments, billing, reporting, and data management. Ginger joined Customized in as a Regulatory Affairs Specialist. Ginger provides reporting services regarding ongoing developments in the policies and rules of MISO markets. In that role, she stayed familiar with wide-ranging MISO developments, policy and procedural issues, and stakeholder views.

Graham joined Customized Energy Solutions in July as an analyst with the natural gas team. He assists in the forecasting and scheduling of natural gas, along with various other natural gas based projects. Prior to joining CES, Graham gained experience in yield forecasting and statistical analytics with a commodity weather consulting company. Gurusharan joined Customized Energy Solutions in November He has extensive experience in the automotive industry in the areas of strategy, business planning, operations, sales and marketing.

He is responsible for providing strategic consultancy and advisory services to automotive sector clients seeking e Mobility solutions, leading the consulting team for analysis of various technical and economic aspects of e Mobility, and leading IESA e Mobility initiatives MOVE and EV Adopter Circle.

His focus is on business and process development of scalable, comprehensive retail and wholesale energy service delivery platforms both in the US and internationally. Guy joined Customized Energy Solutions in October His primary area of focus is providing PJM regulatory coverage and consulting services to clients with an interest in generation asset management and trading.

Guy is also a Certified Public Accountant. He has previous experience in functional testing, API testing and database verification for web and mobile applications. He is involved in QA testing activities in support of release of ETL, reporting and web applications.

Harry joined Customized Energy Solutions in November His focus is consulting services in the areas of market settlements and analysis for wholesale and retail load serving entities as well as generation projects. Harsh joined CES in November He has been involved in providing consulting and market research services to utilities, OEMs, regulation makers and other clients of Customized Energy Solutions and India Energy Storage Alliance on energy storage, renewable energy and other power sector related emerging markets in India.

Harsh has over five years of experience in energy sector with a particular specialization in the areas of market research, process improvement and strategy consulting. He had a short stint as a Consulting Intern with a couple of small organizations in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Harveyetta joined Customized Energy Solutions in February She also assists the Controller with a variety of financial matters. Prior to joining Customized Energy Solutions, she worked at a global standards organization. Hemant has experience in working with responsive webpages using bootstrap and media query, and taking advantage of the frameworks like Typescript and Angular.

For the recent 20 years, he has been working in telecom industry for a large scale system accommodating 10M users. Hung has worked in the IT industry as a database developer and database administrator since Before joining CES, he worked on credit card payment management projects at Aperia and education projects at Axon Active.

He has a wide breadth of operational experience on both the supply side and demand side in all seven of the U. Ian graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Economics, and enjoys hiking, swimming, and following Philly sports. She has competence in data analytics, product management, data visualization, and product implementation, as well as previous experience working as a business analyst in the IT sector. She previously worked at igebra.

Prior to joining CES, Jacob was Control Room Operator II at Miller Bros Solar where he utilized DAS and SCADA platforms to monitor over solar sites of various sizes for operations and maintenance purposes, dispatched and created work orders for technicians to resolve problems identified on site, audited trackers, inverters, and combiner boxes and analyzed performance trends in order to maximize site production, and more.

She is a part of CoMETS team and will help boost data science capabilities across products and services. Her area of expertise is advanced machine learning, data science, and deep learning. She has experience in predictive modelling, anomaly detection, image processing, natural language processing, and forecasting. With a strong technical background and passion for data science and analytics, she desires to provide solutions to complex technical problems.

She has 15 years of combined experience in industry and academia. Ltd and Persistent Systems Ltd and is also skilled in web development. He is responsible for developing software applications in retail services in the areas of EDI data exchange, billing, enrollment, pricing and forecasting.

Prior to joining CES, Jin has been working in utility industry for over 10 years, as a lead application architect and developer at Utility.

Jin is a certified Microsoft System Developer. He has B. Jatin works as a senior analyst at Customized Energy Solutions. He joined CES in August He is involved in development of Python based mathematical models for operation of energy storage systems in electricity markets. Before joining CES, Jatin worked at Prayas Energy Group , Pune, a premier think tank in India focusing on electricity regulation where he published multiple publications and was involved in regulatory filings.

His research areas include applied optimization and predictive modeling for solving decision making problems in electricity markets. He also holds expertise in policies and regulations of electricity sector in India. He is been instrumental in developing low-cost hardware and software platform Based on IoT for monitoring and optimizing the performance of the micro-grids in India. Jayanthi worked in various windows, client-server, web based, mobile apps and has worked for Fortune companies for several years with exposure to various domains like finance, telecommunication, entertainment, insurance, cable, and state court.

Prior to working at CES, she worked for CubeSmart where she developed project estimates and timelines, managed IT staffing, resource plans and budget estimates, and HR matters. Jeff has over twenty years of experience in the energy industry. He provides market intelligence and regulatory advisory services to wholesale energy clients active in the ISO New England markets as well as assists clients with market intelligence and analysis on emerging technologies such as energy storage.

He has testified before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission FERC and State regulatory agencies on issues including asset divestitures, financial assurance and power market design. Before joining Customized Energy Solutions in , Jeff was a Senior Associate with the Alliance Risk Group providing risk advisory and regulatory compliance consulting services to a wide range of electricity clients in the US Northeast.

Jennifer joined Customized in April As an Analyst, Jennifer is responsible for registering clients, enabling them to do business with FERC, the state, and in the active wholesale markets. Jennifer is also involved with the Wholesale Services group working with generation portfolios, bill reconciliations and settlements. Jennifer joined Customized Energy Solutions in January Her primary responsibility is to support retail suppliers in maintaining federal, state, and utility regulations.

Prior to joining CES, Jennifer facilitated power and natural gas procurement transactions across various North American markets at several leading retail energy brokerages. Jianfeng joined Customized Energy Solutions in April He is a member of the Congestion Management team and is primarily responsible for modeling, powerflow analysis, and optimization. He also provides consulting services for clients who request various engineering studies.

He worked in MISO for over 10 years, and has a broad knowledge of the electricity market, forward and real-time operations, and transmission planning. In November , she joined Congestion Management team as a full-time analyst.

Jim joined Customized Energy Solutions in January He is responsible for providing expertise and customer support in the areas of energy storage, distributed resources, renewable technologies, project management and all energy market-related issues.

Prior to working in the energy industry, Jim served in the U. Army as an Armor Officer. He started at Customized Energy Solutions January He has worked with manufacturers, and distributors in all business markets. Jimy is responsible for designing, building, and supporting scalable UI applications along with implementing crucial technical decisions in coding web applications, maintaining aesthetics and ensuring that our web applications are user-friendly while maintaining quality.

Jimy was a Senior Software Engineer at Cybage Software before he joined CES and has experience working on multiple front-end applications using various java script frameworks.

He has played a critical role in leading the innovation and growth of the front-end team. He worked as technical support engineer for telecom systems and messaging systems at various companies for 10 years.

Joel has joined Customized energy solutions in June of as a Senior Consultant for the Emerging Technologies group. Joel utilizes and provides endorsement to CES CoMETS asset modeling platform and evaluates various favorable opportunities for energy storage for both behind the meter and grid connected applications. Joel has significant experience performing data analysis on and optimizing operations of commercial storage projects across the United States. Joel holds a M. John has recently joined Customized Energy Solutions after nearly 5 years in the development, construction, and IPP sectors managing policy and creating new market opportunities across renewable, fossil, transmission, and energy storage business lines.

Prior to his time in the commercial space, John was on staff at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and a regulatory manager for an investor-owned utility. This work includes advising and registering customers in DR, testing customers for compliance, and planning for participation in the Demand Response program.

He also supports managing customers Capacity and Transmission peak shaving along with Load Forecasting. John also assists in the analysis, scheduling and transportation of Natural Gas. Jonathan joined Customized Energy Solutions in October His primary area of focus is providing PJM regulatory coverage and consulting services to clients.

Jonathan previously worked as a Market Analyst and Financial Advisor. Jonghyun joined Customized Energy Solutions in July He is responsible for developing ETL processes, internal and customer facing interactive reports and other technology initiatives. Before joining CES, Justin worked for a company that was a distributor of Jenbacher engines in the Operations department.

The company provide fully integrated Combined Heat and Power CHP and Distributed Generation DG power solutions to a variety of customers institutional, commercial, industrial and governmental accounts. She worked in the software service industry for the last 6 years.

She brings over 10 years of Information Technology experience in the Healthcare Industry to her current role. She has been involved in financial modelling, analysis and consulting for various projects in India and USA. Her work focuses on comprehensive analysis of energy storage market providing investment analysis and pricing forecasts based on respective market regulations.

Her experience includes network expansion planning, equipment specification designing, vendor management as well as technical evaluation of bids. She provides support to the group in billing, EDI, and client management. Here she helped build out the operational processes for a newly launched retail energy brokerage line.

She has a wide experience of 8 years in Finance and Banking. She worked for various industries. Kavita mainly worked in portfolio management and trade reconciliation for the fixed income securities.

She also worked for legal and compliance where she focused on reconciliation of books of accounts, managing the accounts and calculation of net asset value, MIS preparation for the operation manager, and managing the client data. Kent joined CES in Prior to that, Kent worked as a software architect and engineer in various energy software companies and the Wisconsin state energy office.

Kent holds a B. Kevin joined Customized Energy Solutions in July bringing with him 15 years of experience in wholesale electricity markets. There he focused on asset optimization and congestion management for a diverse generation and load portfolio. Kevin joined Customized Energy Solutions in July As part of the Retail Services team, his primary responsibility is to manage the operations team with a focus on automation, scalability and reporting.

Prior to joining CES, Kevin gained 7 years of experience in residential billing, wholesale power markets, analytics, and reporting while working for EnergyPlus and NRG. Kevin joined Customized Energy Solutions in February He is responsible for the operations of the real-time data acquisition systems at Customized, and the development of new control system technologies. Kevin has over 25 years of experience in the electric energy and aerospace industries.

Khai worked in the IT industry as a software engineer since He mainly focused on backend and has experience in CRM system, such as Salesforce. Prior to joining CES, Khai worked with several companies such as Simpson Strong-tie and Lotte Data Communication in various industries including credit card payment, construction and medical. He is primarily focused on Billing Report and Operation Support. She provides billing support for the Retail team, focusing on PJM. At CES, she manages the complex billing, enrollments, and customer support.

Kirth joined Customized Energy Solutions in August In her role, she provides reporting and analysis to CES clients by leveraging her twenty years of experience on both the commercial and regulatory side of the electric markets.

Prior to joining CES, Ms. Ashley was actively involved in the design of the Texas nodal market. Ashley worked for the Exelon Power Team as a trader and asset manager.

With nearly 20 years of energy industry experience. He is responsible for the architecture of various platforms, with current focus being on the Retail application platforms. Prior to joining CES, Kurt worked in the energy industry as a consultant for over 2 decades.

He worked on and architected numerous solutions for many different clients and areas in the retail energy space. He has around 8 years of experience in safety and performance testing in batteries domain. His bachelor degree is in electronics engineering from Nagpur university. Larry supports the day-to-day activity in the Day-Ahead and Real-time energy markets.

Prior to Exelon, Larry worked at J. He earned a B. In this role, Laura will leverage her wealth of experience in the retail energy industry to engage with clients to optimize ongoing operations and identify new solutions to the evolving challenges and opportunities of the space.

Laura has experience managing the retail energy customer life cycle from contracting, billing, and collections. Her background includes requirements gathering and user acceptance testing with Enron, Altra, and Enbase software, supporting various aspects of the energy industry and associate customer service needs.

Leilani joined Customized Energy Solutions in July As part of the Retail Services team, her responsibilities include assisting clients with new market entry, enrollments, billing, forecasting and pricing. Leilani worked previously for Constellation NewEnergy where she gained over 10 years of experience in retail energy operations and IT support for various regions throughout the company.

Linh Nguyen has more than 8 years of experience in testing, especially in web application. Madhusudan has over six years of experience in software development sector with a specialization in UI development. Manoj joined Customized Energy Solutions in June He comes with over 3. His areas of expertise include SFDC configuration, customization, requirement gathering, and more.

He has experience working with automation tools like Process Builder, Flows, and Approval Process and experience in data modelling and security settings of Salesforce.

He is Salesforce Platform Developer I certified. He holds his Bachelor of Technology B. Manprit Singh is from Indore, M. He completed his mechanical engineering studies from Ujjain Engineering College in While working at SearchBlox software, he became familiar with some data science concepts.

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