kenworth t680 cummins isx15
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Kenworth t680 cummins isx15

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Enter your email below and you will be notified as new trucks becomes available matching your search criteria. Enter your email below and be notified when the price for this unit drops below. View Trucks near. Alert me when new trucks are added matching your criteria.

Alert Me. Show closest first:. Your Location Radius Any 50 miles miles miles miles miles miles. Your Zip. Condition Used New Year Range No Min No Max Model Select a Make First. Price Range. Sleeper Size 80"" 1 70"" 50"" 12 Not Specified Engine Make Cummins Paccar Engine HP 5 Under CDL. Update Results Detailed Search. The sleek new exterior of the T incorporates innovative aerodynamic design features meant to squeeze every possible mile from every gallon. Fuel savings dependent on spec and application.

Wind-cheating features begin up-front with a narrower hood and grille design that cuts neatly through the air. A-pillar turning vanes create less wake next to side windows and smooths airflow around the cab.

Integrated front air dams, redesigned chassis fairings, and optional inch side extenders work in tandem to keep airflow tight to the truck.

Tandem axle fairings combine with new wind-slick wheel covers to reduce turbulence around the rear wheels and on to the trailer. A state-of-the-art, fully-optimized PACCAR powertrain together with innovative technologies such as Predictive Cruise Control, Predictive Neutral Coast and driver shift aids deliver unrivalled fuel-saving performance � automatically.

New side turn indicators: An unmistakable The large high-def interior displays put the mirror view image in an easier-to-see position keeping the driver's eyes closer to the road. Technology innovations allow you to track your trailer around a corner or while backing � through any driving environment. Places the most important vehicle controls � including Digital Display features � instantly at hand with tactile, eyes-on-the-road function choices.

T Find A Dealer.

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The combustion of the fuel is used to create a rotational movement in a crankshaft in the following way: Air is taken into a cylinder through an intake valve as the piston lowers. The piston then travels upward, causing the air to compress in the cylinder. When the air is compressed and reaches a certain temperature due to that compression, fuel is injected into the cylinder and ignites.

The combustion, a small explosion, pushes the piston back down. The piston then returns to the top of the cylinder, pushing the gases from the combustion out the exhaust valve. The pistons are attached to a crankshaft, so as the pistons move up and down, it makes the crankshaft turn. In a vehicle, this motion and energy would be used to propel the vehicle.

In a generator, it is used for electricity generation. The rotational motion produced by the engine extends into the second main component, the alternator. The alternator converts one form of energy , rotational kinetic energy, into electricity by using the properties of electromagnetic induction, the physical phenomenon by which variable magnetic fields create electrical currents.

The alternator has two parts�a stator and a rotor. The stator is a housing made up of many copper windings, and as the rotor spins inside the stator, its magnetic field rotates as well.

The rotating magnetic field causes the electrons to flow in the stator, and thus a current of electricity is produced. As well as the generator and alternator, a power generator contains other components to ensure its correct operation. In smaller generators, the fuel system can be as simple as a fuel tank and a fuel filter.

The generator also needs to supply electricity at the correct voltage, so a voltage regulator is included to ensure the right voltage is achieved and maintained. Parts of the generator get hot during operation, so to prevent overheating, a cooling system is needed. Smaller generators tend to be air-cooled; larger generators need to be water-cooled.

Then there is the exhaust system, which removes hot combustion gasses. Catalytic converters, dust filters or scrubbers can be added to clean up the exhaust. In larger generators used in cogeneration applications, the exhaust gasses can be used to heat water, for example, as part of a district heating scheme.

This means that the fuel energy is converted to both electrical and useful heat energy, optimizing the efficiency of the machine. The information you are looking for is on cummins. Breadcrumb Home Generators. Cummins power generators. Reliable power and performance. Learn more Request information The next generation of power generators Reliable power for your work, home, and life. Generators by application Home Standby Generators Portable Generators Standby Power Prime Power Commercial Mobile Generators Microgrid Power Solutions Find a generator Power Generation FAQs Contact support Generators for every need Our power system products include diesel and gas-powered generator sets ranging from 15 � kVA, alternators, diesel engines ranging from 49 � 5, hp, generator-drive engines, battery storage systems and integrated power systems that combine generator sets, paralleling controls and switchgear technologies, all connected to our industry-leading digital solutions for complete power system control.

T Find A Dealer. Perfected for the road ahead Start with the most highly evolved aerodynamic long-haul tractor Kenworth has ever engineered. Incorporate easier-to-service, longer-lived components for maximum uptime. Add smart technology that makes driving more intuitive, safer, less fatiguing.

And include a world-class cabin reminiscent of the finest automobiles. Welcome to the Kenworth T Signature LED daytime running lights add a signature Kenworth look.

Halogen headlamps flow with the hood and integrate daytime running lights and an amber turn signal. T Product Development Kenworth started the journey by integrating engineering teams, aerodynamic experts and the styling department to push the boundaries of truck design and continued the development by involving over truck drivers to produce the T Driver-optimized Technology The T employs a suite of intelligent technologies designed to elevate the driving experience like never before � offering safer, more intuitive control and a full range of productivity features.

An industry-first at this size, the new inch high-definition, fully digital instrumentation, contains all the information a driver needs to operate the truck � configurable for as much or as little content as they want.

Set Trip Segment Starts a new segment Can save up to 26 separate trip segments.

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Cummins ISX15 Engine for a Kenworth T $21, USD (USED) Cummins ISX15 Warranty: Day Parts and Labor Assembly#: Serial#: Horsepower: . Generators for every need. Our power system products include diesel and gas-powered generator sets ranging from 15 � kVA, alternators, diesel engines ranging from 49 � 5, hp, . Dec 30, �� kenworth t aerocab 76", cummins x hp, engine brake, 12 speed automated transmission, 12/40 axles on air ride w/ ratio on lopro tires, air slide .