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Epicor scm software

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Whether doing physical inventory or material moves, or looking up serialized part information, the Epicor Kinetic Handheld application offers an easy-to-use interface that is designed for plant and distribution employees.

The Epicor Handheld module allows you to track your inventory as it moves throughout your enterprise with real-time data capture to improve inventory accuracy and speed up the order-to-ship cycle. Providing your users with event-based directing and routing of all managed tasks in real time, the Handheld module not only helps you maintain complete transaction event history for analysis and reporting purposes, but when coupled with Advanced Material Management, it also provides detailed tracking of material requirements and WIP information through mobile access to the material and pick orders queue.

Inventory Management provides the key functions necessary to update and maintain raw materials, work in process WIP , finished goods inventory quantities, costs, and on-hand requirements. Issued inventory reduces quantities on hand, which are continually replenished through the processing of purchased or manufactured item receipts into inventory.

Receipt processing provides a continual update of inventory average, FIFO , lot, or last costs for every item. A variety of screen inquiries provide management analysis of Materials Requirements Planning MRP , shortage monitoring, reorder analysis, stock status, valuation, and critical items. From rate shopping at order entry to manifesting your domestic or international shipments, Epicor Manifest communicates with various carriers and provides the information about that shipment back to Epicor Kinetic.

As part of the shipping function, Epicor Manifest prints labels, bill of ladings, and export documents to be included with your shipment. Purchase Management handles purchase order writing and the tracking of supplier performance to optimize results and improve negotiations. Multiple detailed line items indicate planned receipts to inventory or a job, direct receipts to a sales order, or direct receipts to a manufacturing job, although their destination may be changed at the time of actual receipt entry.

Purchase order receipt processing updates suggested supplier and detailed purchase history files, which provides continual reference to aid in making purchasing decisions. With Purchase Management, you can reduce inventory levels, improve on-time deliveries, enhance your cash flow, and increase your profit levels.

The Shipping and Receiving module is designed to promote increased efficiency and accuracy by allowing you to perform and track all activity relating to shipments and receipts. This flexible module gives you the ability to auto-invoice in Accounts Receivable following customer shipment; print customizable bill of lading forms to your shipments; track container shipments and update the status and due dates of all purchase orders; track customer shipments; track landed costs against applicable parts, which reflects the true costs of materials, parts, or finished goods, and more.

Strategic sourcing is the most important, value-added activity that procurement professionals perform for their company. Doing it well requires a wide range of skills and subject matter expertise. Automating those tasks with Epicor Sourcing not only allows the purchasing professional to focus more time and energy on strategic activities, it also provides for online collaboration and fosters competition that amplifies the value of their work.

Electronic sourcing solutions give companies the tools they need to negotiate optimal agreements with their suppliers and to provide the best value to the organization. Left to manual methods, organizations can only afford to manage competitive bidding processes for a very small number of contracts.

Supplier Relationship Management SRM provides tools for buyers, procurement staff and purchasing agents, or those providing quotes, to request quotes for raw materials or subcontract services from one or multiple suppliers. Request for quotations RFQs are generated with one or more lines, each line having the ability to request pricing from one or more suppliers.

On October 1, , Epicor announced the acquisition of 1 EDI Source, a Solon, Ohio-based provider of Electronic data interchange services and software for an undisclosed amount. On January 1, , Epicor promoted Himanshu Palsule to president while continuing in his role as Chief Product and Technology officer overseeing Epicor's global portfolio. Epicor also released the plan 'Fit for the Future,' intended to support stakeholders in the group develop market sustainability and thrive in the new environment.

Providers involve resellers, device integrators, and business partners who can use the Epicor software range and services to introduce, plan, and build transformational IT strategies. Source: [35] [36] [37] [38]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Epicoir Leadership Team. Epicor Software. Retrieved 9 October Retrieved Archived from the original on February 14, Aptor formerly Epicor Retail. Retrieved 17 June RIS News. Retrieved 22 June Archived from the original on 9 July Retrieved 12 July Archived from the original on 4 September Retrieved 1 September Retrieved 1 October August 31, Financial Times.

Tech Monitor. Retrieved 8 October Los Angeles Times. Retrieved 15 June Fierce CEO. Chief Executive.

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It also uses AI and ML to optimize production strategies, predict supply chain issues, and recommend effective solutions. With Coupa, you can make more intelligent and quick supply chain decisions with the help of a built-in comprehensive data model and powerful AI.

Coupa can help companies minimize risk and ensure smooth supply chain operations through demand predictions, optimized sourcing, transportation, and inventory management. E2open is a demand-driven SCM provider that helps companies manage complex supply chain processes with its user-friendly interface.

It provides real-time data visibility on the supply, demand, and delivery requirements. Infor is a cloud-based SCM tool that provides intelligent support solutions for its customers with real-time insights and an AI-driven network. It helps businesses transform digitally and help them keep track of their operations, procurement, and logistics from a centralized dashboard.

Blue Yonder is a popular SCM tool that makes inbound and outbound transportation management easier with end-to-end supply chain end retail solutions. It helps users manage their supply chain process with automated warehouse management, inventory management, and real-time tracking. Manhattan Active provides a range of support tools that helps in performing more complex and data-intensive supply chain processes.

They have an efficient Transport and Inventory Management System powered by dashboards, real-time tracking, and insights. It helps users forecast future inventory requirements to plan and manage the supply system. Its advanced workflows, accurate reporting, and forecasting quickly identify potential challenges and opportunities. Epicor SCM can help organizations eliminate hidden costs and eliminate non-value-added activities. It allows you to easily optimize inventory or integrate your entire global supply chain without much effort and help you meet customer expectations.

It can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Companies want their employees to use the SCM software right from day 1. This can be done with the help of a Digital Adoption Platform. It provides help at the right moment and keeps your employees engaged throughout the process. There are many costs involved when implementing ServiceNow in your organization. This blog speaks about the real cost involved in ServiceNow Adoption.

Implementing ERP Software can be a challenging and cumbersome task. This blog ranks the top SCM software used by enterprises and compares pricing, key features, the catering industry, and their ratings.

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In his free time, he likes to binge-watch Sci-fi movies and is a solo wanderer. Recommended Articles. October 28, Enterprise Applications. October 25, Containers are also trackable for product in transit. Also available to transact from your MES terminals. Complete inventory tracking including Serialization and Lot tracing when and where needed. From the time the product lands on your dock through WIP and eventually out of your doors Epicor tracks your products for you.

Unlocks the power of fulfillment workbench for you to be able to quickly allocate products to sales orders and jobs to ensure demands are accurate and timely. Monitor your suppliers quality, on-time delivery and capabilities to deliver with SRM. Automated label printing for items such as barcode labels upon receipt, auto printing of an invoice upon packing slip and more. Kanban purchasing is also available for automatic PO Generation for replenishment as are the suggestions that are driven from the system for subcontract operations.

Create contracts for your purchasing department to manage long term deals and special contract pricing. Scan and pack style of shipping where you keep scanning each item you are placing in the box and then close the box and ship.

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WebEpicor combines innovative technology with deep industry expertise to help distributors, manufacturers, and retailers achieve greater supply chain efficiency. With a clearer . WebA supply-chain management (SCM) system can help better manage warehouses and fulfillment operations. Kinetic warehouse management software provides complete . WebJul 8, аи Epicor 1. Oracle SCM: Oracle software is best known for its applications and services. Oracle Cloud applications provide all-in-one business solutions like ERP, SCM, .