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This is a public computer. Trained behavioral health coaches, licensed therapists and psychiatrists are made available to support team members. Thanks for using the Hub Your session has been successfully disconnected from Hub Please click here to login back to Hub. Employees of Adventist Health may access these sites through their unique logins.

Please note that each link will open in a new window or tab. Connect for Employees. Leave Management. AdventHealth is a personalized healthcare app. Create an account for easy access to doctors, extended medical services and your health records. AdventHealth Your unified patient portal Chat Offline. Adventhealth Employee Portal Hub - health -improve. Health 4 days ago WebBenefits Day One. Web Images Video.

In order to provide secure external access to The Hub, we are implementing a two-factor login process. This process utilizes a mobile or desktop application that produces a random code to ensure that an unauthorized user cannot access your account in the event that they are able to capture your username and password. To complete this enrollment process: 1.

Navigate to from within the AHS internal network. This is the network our facilities use to connect to the internet. You use this network while at work or while using VPN from home. Enter your Active Directory username and password and press submit to login.

Your Active Directory username and password are what you currently use to log in to Windows or Outlook. You can update your publicly visible work phone, and add your mobile number or personal address to be used for identity verification.

Last ahss. A registration code will later be sent to the personal contact method provided. This information is stored in a secure fashion and is only accessible to IT support staff. Fields labeled public will be visible in the AHS directory, whereas fields labeled private are only accessible to IT support staff to assist in troubleshooting. Click Update. Upon updating your contact information, you will receive a message that the update was successful.

If you would like to clear the fields and start over, click reset. Account updated successfully 7. Once you have successfully updated your data, you may close the web browser.! Before you continue: If you will be downloading the SecureAuth app on your phone or other mobile device, please continue reading. For instructions on downloading the SecureAuth app on your home computer, please skip to page 9 for Windows desktop devices or page 14 for Apple desktop devices.

Open the app store on your mobile device and search for SecureAuth Authenticate. On an Android device, click Install. On Apple devices, click the box that says Get, then click Install. On a Blackberry device, click Download.

On a Windows phone click Get the App. If asked, enter your password. After installation, launch the app. Enter login. When asked for your username and password, enter your Active Directory username and password, then click Submit. Your Active Directory username and password are what you currently use to log in to Windows and Outlook. You will be asked to select the delivery method that you would prefer for your one-time use registration code.

The method you select will determine where the registration code will be sent. You will immediately receive your registration code via your chosen method. Once you have received the registration code through your chosen delivery method, enter it on this screen using the keypad provided and click Submit. Your SecureAuth app is now registered. To access the one-time 6-digit passcode, click on the key symbol on the right of the URL. This passcode will remain valid for 60 seconds. If the timer expires before you have entered the passcode, look for the new 6-digit passcode to appear and enter this new number to log in.

If two people are downloading the SecureAuth app to the same desktop device, each individual will need to create a separate user profile on their computer and download the application once for each user profile in order to use the application successfully. Open your web browser and enter the following URL: 2. If asked if you want to Run or Save the file, click Run.

If asked if you want to run this software, click Run. When the installer launches, you will be presented with a welcome screen. At the Ready to Install the Program screen, click Install to continue. You will be presented with a status bar to track the progress of the installation.

If asked to allow SecureAuth to install software on your computer, click Yes. You will now be presented with the InstallShield Wizard Completed screen; the installation process has concluded. Click Finish to exit the installer. Once you launch the app, you will be asked to enter a Server URL. The method you select will Once you have chosen the appropriate delivery method, click Submit. You will be asked to enter a 4-digit PIN code of your choosing. Memorize the PIN you create as it will need to be entered every time you open the You will be presented with a second screen to confirm the PIN code that you entered.

Once you have confirmed your PIN, you will be shown your one-time 6-digit passcode. Open your Mac app store and search for SecureAuth Passcode. Select Get, then Install App from the application s download page. Launch the SecureAuth Passcode app. When asked for your username and password, enter your Active Directory username and password, then click submit.

You will be asked to enter a 4 digit PIN code of your choosing. Memorize the PIN you create as it will need to be entered every time you open the SecureAuth app to retrieve your one-time passcode for The Hub. Launch your web browser and navigate to 2. Enter your Active Directory username and password, then click Log On. You will be asked to confirm that you will be using the SecureAuth app.

Select this option and click Submit. Note: If you have previously registered the device as a private computer, you will be forwarded directly into The Hub. Once on this screen, open your SecureAuth Authenticate app, enter the assigned 6-digit passcode, then click Submit to access The Hub.

Simply open the previously downloaded SecureAuth app and you will be given a new 6-digit passcode, good to use for 60 seconds. Enter your Active Directory username and password, them click Log on. Your Active Directory user name and password are what you are currently use to log in to Windows or Outlook 3. Close your web browser and open your SecureAuth Authenticate app.

Memorize or write down the assigned 6-digit passcode. Simply open the previously Close your SecureAuth Authenticate app and reopen your web browser. Select This is a public computer, enter your assigned 6-digit passcode, then click Submit to access The Hub. You will not be allowed to select This is a private computer from a mobile device.

Note: You will have only 60 seconds to enter the code into your web browser from the time you open your SecureAuth Authenticate app before the code expires and you are assigned a new code. You can have up to. WSSU s new Password Management portal provides a convenient means for students, faculty, and staff to reset your Active Directory password or unlock your account Active Directory accounts are used to. Soon, we ll be upgrading your online banking experience to include a new security service, which is known in the online security industry.

This guide will show you how to install and configure the Outlook Plugin on your desktop. Enroll a Windows Phone 8 Device Download Process Enrolling your Windows 8 device is a quick and easy process that takes around 2 minutes to complete. Your IT administrator will send you a MaaS enrollment.

This page allows access to several Spectrum Health password protected areas. If you have any issues using these services, please contact the Spectrum Health Help Desk at Additional Security. Launch Internet Explorer by double clicking. In order to connect remotely to a PC computer from your Mac, we recommend. Defender 5. What is Single Sign-on? How does SSO work? How do I access the SSO portal?

Where can I find help on how to use the SSO portal? How do I reset. Introduction to the Remote Access Page. Earlier versions of the OS will require a different installation. These instructions assume that there are no Java, Citrix. If one is on a Mac and goes to Noetix directly in a web browser, the page is likely. Complete all the instructions below for proper functionality.

If using multiple computers to access Salesforce, it is necessary to complete. What is Citrix and how does it work? Welcome to QuestDrive Quest Defender This document will guide you through experiencing Quest Defender as a user, a Helpdesk user, a Helpdesk Administrator and a Defender administrator, using a self-contained,.

Novell Filr 1. In addition,. How Do. Note: The member will need the following. All rights reserved. These materials contain the intellectual property. Page 1 of 24 Copyright Yubico Inc. Trademarks Yubico and. If you are using a mobile device or a small screen, your experience may be different. Citrix Desktop for Home Computers Apple ios Instructions You can use Citrix to create and access a virtual work desktop from your home computer.

Step 1 Uninstall: To install the newest version of Citrix.

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WebAdventist HealthCare. WebHospitals, doctors and health services in California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington. We know you can always use more wholeness and hope, and our faith-based approach to . WebAdventist Health is more than a healthcare system. We provide whole-person care to our communities and champion the greater good—from the operating room to the .