cummins 220 engine
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Cummins 220 engine

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By erich. Good to know about the turbo option. I know where a Brockway cabover is nearby if anyone wants one. I hope I do get a chance to operate and own an H. I guess it was probably a spicer 5-speed transmission. Sounds good to me. Has anyone seen a H-series brochure?

I have a copy of the Don't know what changes were made if any over it's short-lived production. They like F Model Macks are notorious rust buckets. What engine and trans rear in it sleeper or non sleeper? The is a reliable engine and while I would like to have a little more power it still pulls my trailer with my car on it at 60 to 65 with out any problems.

You get into a long pull and the Swift trucks will pass you along with everyone else. I know it has a diesel, 6cyl I think. I can't remember if it was a sleeper or not. It didn't look badly rusted, but I didn't look that closely. I can get you the contact info if you are interested. It is in Rock Hill SC.

Thanks, Erich By kblackav8or - Tuesday, July 28, PM Something that would be incorrect for your truck but kind of neat non the less are the Supercharged versions of that engine. The engine and parts are getting pretty rare but they have a sound like no other and would give a non-original truck some real personality. A turbo is a nice upgrade and shouldn't be too hard to find. They actually will add some efficiency and a nice bit of pep as well but you lose a bit of the bark you get from a naturally aspirated engine.

What would the specs be if I supercharged this engine? Where can I get more info on that? Is it safe for the engine? Would it increase or reduce engine life?

Is there a sound file on the internet of a turbo or supercharged version of the Cummins NH? Thanks, Erich By junkmandan - Wednesday, July 29, AM ErichTrying to supercharge a Cummins engine not designed for one is not feasable,primarily the block has special machining to hang the supercharger,[what I've learned from this forum]..

Why not just hang the back drop exhaust manifold and give it the "sound"? It should be doable in a cabover. Your basic engine is right around ft. By kblackav8or - Wednesday, July 29, AM I believe while the manifold will get you most of the way there it isn't all the symphony you get. Superchargers always add a bit of a whine or other mechanical noise. You would likely need the whole engine.

They were available in ratings in excess of hp. Here is one. A turbo will add it's own sound and also takes some of the low pitched bite out of the sound. Now if you want to do something completely different and make it a roll your own affair you could probably find some sort of belt driven supercharger with enough mass flow to get to near the factory supercharged versions.

You would be on your own for bracketry and plumbing. You would want to consider appropriate pistons for a turbo application which tend to have slightly lower compression and also recalibration of your fuel pump.

Intended to be one stop shopping. Thanks for the information on hopping up the engine. I'll check out the you tube sites. I can't wait to get into playing with this one. Looks like it is going to be a lot of fun. Those are just a few of the basics. If a rebuild is required it can be somewhat costly to do and take some time to aquire all the parts required. Heads don't typically seem to be all that hard but sometimes some of the bottom end pieces can bite you from other posts here.

Crankshafts, rods and sometimes soft parts can be hard to locate. What all is involved? The you tube videos were interesting, especially the ride along one.

The H, I want, has a 5 speed with a 3 speed rear. I am new to the 18 wheeler world but really interested, tell me about the two stick shifters, Is one the main "5-speed" and the other for the rear end gears? I have thought about doing that using an E-7 Mack engine. They have the same displacement as the supercharged Cummins engines of the '50's, but they have a very strong bottom end, oil cooled pistons and they were already setup turbo'd, so you could have the sound of an early supercharged engine in an engine that has modern technology to support the power, so you could turn the boost up.

Talking to an engine rebuilder he said the best source of supercharged Cummins engines is old heavy equipment such as cranes that often had NHRS engines. I believe some of the last 's even had piston coolers.

By junkmandan - Wednesday, July 29, AM ErichX4 means 5 speed main,4 speed auxilliary two stick setup with divorced boxes. There are no 4 speed rears , 2 speed and 3 speed[tandem only] have been around for years.

By Bill D - Wednesday, July 29, AM Erich adding a turbo to a won't increase engine life, but unless it is worked hard it probably won't hurt it. The turbo used to make a only puts out about 10 to 12 psi boost max and that is probably as high as you want to go if you expect the engine to live. One older Cummins mechanic told me they called them "smoke reducers". But, as has been pointed out 's sound great. We had a Mack B with one and a B with one and a gen set and they all sounded great.

The B really had a good sound. John Hickey's Kenworth with a is one of the featured trucks. First I love the beauty of his truck and the video and audio are superb, especially compared to Youtube.

And he goes for a long ride through the Colorado Rockies in the truck, so what more could you ask for. Also look up some of Michelle's Youtube videos and listen to them. By Aaron - Wednesday, July 29, AM It is foolish to try to charge a non charger engine for one, and plenty of money to special make pullys and brakets for most applications that isn't feasable, next turboes can be hung on a that can put more than 10 or 12 's of boost, thats what 's put out, you can put a holset on but just don't stand on it, with the 6 bolt heads 20 's of wind has a habit of lifting heads off the block.

Thanks for the info about turbo options for the Cummins NH engine. I watched ther you tube of Michelle's N starting up, it sounds great.

So let me get this right, Some trucks have two separate shifters for separate transmissions? But if a truck that has a 5-speed transmission and has a tandem rear three speed wouldn't have two shifters right? I run it high most of the time unless I am pulling stumps on my "farm". Thanks again, Erich Correct a truck with a 5 speed transmission and no auxilary would have one shifter and a selector for the rears. Now to further confuse you you could have a truck with 2 transmissions but only 1 shifter the Aux could be shifted by a selector as well or you could have a truck with a single transmission but with 2 shifters.

There have been as many combinations of shifters and selectors as there has been drivers who have driven them. Axle, Rear, Two-Speed: This rear axle provides for two full-sized final drives in a single unit. This allows the truck driver to select the proper ratio for road, speed, and load conditions. Axle, Three-Speed Tandem: Although there are a number of methods theoretically possible to provide three gear ratios in a tandem rear axle, there is one method which is proving successful.

This system utilizes two regular type matched two-speed rear axles on a single suspension with an inter-axle differential. Ratios are obtained as follows: High Range - both two speed axles in high range.

Intermediate Range - Rear-most axle in low range with forward unit in high range. Inter-axle differential compensates to provide a ratio halfway between high and low ranges.

Low Range - both axle units in low range. By use of a forward axle low range sensing unit, differential lockout control operates only in low range to permit maximum traction under adverse conditions. Aaron that is why I wouldn't add much more boost to a than psi, because of the 6 bolt heads and no piston coolers. So why would you put a Holset on? Especially since a T sounds great. I'm guessing you would put the Holset on for fast throttle response, but the boost it could produce could be problematic.

You would need to be very careful. As far as adding a supercharger I agree it would be a lot of work and I would choose a different engine. But I am still interested in trying that with a Mack E-7 engine as a replacement for the scarce supercharged Cummins of the "50's and early 60's. By kblackav8or - Wednesday, July 29, PM No question the supercharger is more effort and probably more money for probably minimal power difference over a turbo.

What you get going that direction is sound and appearance and some satisfaction. With some of the modern superchargers they are really not much different in size to a turbo and you could have it all on the intake side of the engine and the bracketry probably wouldn't be all that hard. What I am proposing isn't for everyone, not for the concours or restore to original approach, more of a restomod approach.

Disregard the horsepower numbers as those are gasser based. What does a Cummins flow at say rpm? To achieve boost your number has to be higher then that. You lose some power in driving the supercharger but to counter that you get instantaneous boost, no waiting for the compressor side to get up to speed.

Vortech is not the only game in town but they make a reputable product. There are probably 4 or 5 others out there. I think the sound of one of these along with the natural bark of a could be pretty enticing.

An Eaton supercharger is a roots type and one of the Vortech's competitor. Because renting time on one would be prohibitive I have been thinking about how to build one. Last week I was bouncing ideas off a physicist friend from Sandia Labs and he told me about one they had built to test small engines. Find an appropriate size water pump, preferably a used irrigation pump and use it to absorb the power.

Attach strain gauges to the pumps mount and calibrate these to find out how much torque produces what strain in the mounts. From the torque and a tachometer you could find horsepower. Of course you would need a pond or a reservoir to pump from and to. Pumps can absorb a lot of power so we thought this project would be feasible with not too large of a pump. I may pursue this in the future.

Not enough time right now. So those superchargers would be able to do the job. I think the fuel injection would need to be recalibrated, because the boost curve would be different from a turbo. By Bill D - Wednesday, July 29, PM I was thinking along the same lines as you Kevin that this would be a resto-mod, not for everyone, but great sound and power and an interesting looking engine because the supercharged Cummins engines are becoming hard to find.

I posted in the research library a Eaton 3 speed Driver Instruction booklet and general Eaton 3 speed tandem information booklet. My White has the NHE which is in family, 5 speed fuller with the eaton 3 speed tandem set up. By junkmandan - Wednesday, July 29, PM When I was in the diesel program at Alfred in the late '50s we had several cheap homemade dynamometers.

With a generator set we had a tripod that had steel banding wrapped around the spool for a load bank. Flip the switch and read the volts and amps I was wondering? Would a Ford H-series have to be double clutched?

Should I be double clutching my F? Never knew how to do it, and didn't think about it. I also thought about the size of the Cummins NH engine, it's a 6 cylinder, So I guess each cylinder is the size of a 2-liter soda bottle? How much fuel would be in each cylinder at a time? Certainly not 2-liters? I am going to get my CDL license soon. What kind of steel was used for resistance, stainless? RG LeTourneau said he used stainless for electrical braking.

I don't know if he was experimenting or actually used this on some of his equipment. For that matter, do locomotives use resistance braking? Bruce By erich. Covering that event, we ran across the diesels and thought them an interesting story.

John Ittel passed away in November of at age 80, leaving behind a large family and an army of friends. This story is dedicated to his legacy of being one of the good ones. He is missed by a lot of people. Green Prairie Turf greenprairieturf.

Share Tweet 0. Pin it 0. The NH four valve arrangement showing the bridge between the valve pairs and the camshaft-operated injector in the center between the two sets of paired valves. Up next. Published on 09 June Author Jim Allen.

Share article The post has been shared by 24 people. Facebook Twitter 0. Pinterest 0. Mail 0. Whiskey Cummins This story is as much about a pair of Cummins engines that protected thousands of gallons of Seagrams whiskey from to as it is about a man that bought and repurposed them for farm use.

The big Fairbanks-Morse Model vertical fire pump is a four-stage centrifugal pump with a inch discharge pipe driven by Johnson Gear HF angle drive unit. It pushes gallons per minute at psi. The pump extends into a well that is directly connected to the pond via a channel. There are four centrifugal pumps stacked one atop the other down in the well. John Ittel in giving us a demonstration of the newer by only a few days of the two Whiskey Cummins NHIF engines set up on his farm.

When he bought them in , they had a bit under hours virtually all of them from test runs over about 20 years in emergency standby service.

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